Look At This Batman Ninja Action Figure

Look At This Batman Ninja Action Figure

Good Smile has made a couple of Figmas based on the Batman Ninja anime, and they are absolute works of art.

First Look At The Batman Ninja Anime

When the Batman Ninja anime was first announced this October, a short clip was shown at New York Comic Con. Now, the animated feature's first footage has been uploaded online, and it's glorious.

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There are two available, a regular one and a “Sengoku Edition” special figure. Both will be out early 2019, and should set you back $US80 ($106)-100 from importers.

I haven’t seen the anime, but the fake beard on his helmet is an A+ design touch.




    • Well 90% of the movie was
      giant robots
      so I’m guessing pretty much anything from japanese/anime culture is apparently “ninja” now.

    • Realistically, yes….

      Historically Ninja and Samurai were just two sides of the same coin, the modern Samurai vs Ninja mythos was a creation of film, TV and literature, a romanticised exaggeration.

      Samurai were often employed in tasks that we would usually attribute to modern ninja, assassination, subterfuge, ambush, guerilla warfare and spying.
      The honour fallacy always forgets that there was no greater honour than service to ones lord, meaning nothing was off limits if ordered.
      (While we would consider wiping out a village of woman and children to be dishonable, it would’ve been considered honourable if ordered by your lord beleive it it not and was a constant and necessary act during war)

      The farmer/peasant fallacy is just an exaggeration of the ninja mythos, they were simply better at being spies and messengers because they had normal lives that allowed them a better disguise and in times of warfare they couldn’t compete with traditional battlefield tactics and faired better with guerrilla strategies.

      Even the ninja clan myth is easily destroyed by the fact that their were no Ninja clans, only noble samurai families that specialised in non traditional warfare (see battlefield Ninja)

      Even the straight Ninja sword was just romantic exaggeration and there is a good reason why no form of ninjutsu has a rank of Koryu (ancient/historical art), because the forms were created and solidified after the age of the samurai and open field battle.
      Modern firearm tactics required more subterfuge as wars became centred around siege warfare.

      Sorry, could go on about this shit for days.

    • As I waffled on about just above, the Ninja your thinking of didn’t exist in that form in this period.

  • I have enjoyed so many of the DC animated films but this for me personally was their worse and the least interesting.

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