Luka Dončić’s Overwatch Mains Are Cause For Serious Concern

Luka Dončić’s Overwatch Mains Are Cause For Serious Concern

Photo: Lefteris Pitarakis (AP)

Luka Dončić is not only a presumptive top-two pick in June’s NBA Draft, he’s also the proud owner of a Gamer’s Heart. According to a profile written last month by ESPN’s Mina Kimes, Dončić is a fan of the Call Of Duty series. He also “spends two to three hours a day playing video games like FIFA and Overwatch,” presumably on the PC (he’s got a desk and an ergonomic gaming chair.)

Since my favourite team leapt five spots in yesterday’s NBA Draft Lottery from the seventh pick to the second, I’ve suddenly become much more interested in Dončić. How good can this 19-year-old Slovenian be?

Unfortunately, following an initial honeymoon period/highlight binge, I now have some concerns. And they are as follows:

This tiny scrap of info is obviously a big deal and should give the discerning draft observer a window in Dončić’s psyche. Here is what we can glean:

  • Me-first type who wants to rack up kills/points
  • Provides no support to the other five/four players on his team
  • Puts family first, since he plays the game’s only set of siblings
  • Slow moving and deadly from distance; improved as the year’s gone on
  • Fast moving and deadly at close range; challenged by current meta
  • Big fan of dragons
  • Needs healing

However, DeAndre Ayton also apparently plays a shitload of Fortnite, so I suppose no elite draft prospect is perfect.


  • Alternatively it means that he enjoys highly maneuverable mid to high skill level characters that are relatively broke in their field.

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