Most Triumphant: Bill & Ted 3 Is Officially Set To Rock Our Socks Off

Everyone involved with the Bill & Ted films has been saying, for literally years, that a third film was in the works. There's a script, a director, and the stars are all in, but the project just couldn't lock in the right financing. But this week the most excellent news ever is finally official. Bill & Ted Face the Music is a go. The Wyld Stallyns will ride once more.

Party on, dudes! Bill and Ted will return in a third film. Photo: MGM

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news out of Cannes today.

Currently in pre-production, Bill & Ted Face the Music will see the duo long past their days as time-travelling teenagers and now weighed down by middle age and the responsibilities of family. They have written thousands of tunes, but they have yet to write a good one, much less the greatest song ever written. With the fabric of time and space tearing around them, a visitor from the future warns our heroes that only their song can save life as we know it. Out of luck and fresh out of inspiration, Bill and Ted set out on a time travel adventure to seek the song that will set their world right and bring harmony in the universe as we know it. Together with the aid of their daughters, a new crop of historical figures, and some sympathetic music legends, they find much, much more than just a song.

Dean Parisot (Galaxy Quest) will direct the film from a script by original writers Chris Matheson and Ed Solomon. Of course, Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves will reprise their roles almost three decades after the original two films, and Bill and Ted's daughters will be joining their time-travelling adventures this time around.

MGM, which owns the rights to the series, will release the film in the US, while international sales are currently in the works at the Cannes Film Festival.

"This is not, 'Hey let's all cash-in on the Bill & Ted thing for money' - this is the opposite," Ed Soloman said recently. "This is, 'We love these characters, they have been with us for our whole lives' - Chris and me, and Alex and Keanu - and we wanted to visit them again as middle-aged men. We thought it would be really fun, and funny, and sweet."

No word yet on the timeline, but since everyone involved has been prepping this movie for a very long time, it seems likely it will get put together fairly quickly.

[The Hollywood Reporter]


    This is most NON NON NON HEINOUS!!!!!

    But seriously, I nominate Dave Chapelle to take over from the late and great George Carlin... the dude would seriously be incredible.

      RIP to the great George Carlin. He can never be bettered!

    Wait a minute. A new Bill and Ted movie about them trying to write the greatest song ever. Tenacious D announcing a sequel to Pick of Destiny... Now I know which song they were making a tribute to!


      Seriously I would joygasm if they crossed this over somehow...

        Maybe Jack Black could be a young Rufus... Kyle could be De Nomolos.

        Fun fact: The guy who played the Grim Reaper played President Ellis in Iron Man 3.

          Yep, William Sadler. They said they're going to do their best to get him back too. God I hope so.

          While I wouldn't be *against* Jack Black, I guess his 'over the top' style of comedy wouldn't entirely gel for me with Bill and Ted. Whereas Chapelle, to me, has that subtle sort of tone to himself. Or maybe I'm completely wrong, because in Jumanji, Black was fantastic too...

            Black's developed over the years, and he doesnt always go to that slapstick style these days. I think its his goto style still, but look at a lot of his roles these days and they're not necessarily comedy, and when he puts a little comedy in those its not bad.

            Was more just thinking how a Ten D and B&T merge could work, and the easiest way I can think of would be to make Jack Black a young Rufus. Plenty of plotlines could justify it.

              Maybe. I'd stick with protege. Rufus is iconic. Youre right about Black, he definitely has refined himself away from his brasher times.

    I’m sorry to be the negative guy here, but this is going to suck. The guys are way past a role like this and the story just sounds terrible... plus didn’t they have sons at the end of the second film? I’m sensing some really bad and completely unfunny ruining of a series here.

      Well, you're gonna be pleasantly surprised when you see the plot twist where the time travel machine fails, Ted wakes up realizing he was living in a computer simulation all this time, and his true name is John Wick, a retired assassin living in a post-apocalyptic future where the machines have taken over but it'll be his mission to kill all of them...

        ... while he learns to surf.

        And he moonlights as an exorcist trying to buy his way into heaven.

      Now now, don't get your knickers in a twist. Watch the movies again, it's clear the OLDER them come back in time to help their younger selves.

      This third movie can certainly work with that! And yes I do hope they don't make the movie about their kids, those should be far in the background stage and not the main event, just a footnote to the original to keep it real.

      As for that John Wick twist, I'd 100% see that!

      Last edited 10/05/18 1:25 pm

    Just hope Bill and Ted's Daughters are good characters!.... This can go all horribly wrong.

      Considering that they had sons at the end of Bogus Journey I hope so too

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