Musician FKA Twigs Gets Into Cosplay, Poses With Sephiroth

Singer FKA Twigs spent the past few days cosplaying as her original character Anomalie for her Instagram magazine Avantgarden, and it finished with a snap of her and a Sephiroth cosplayer at MCM Comic Con.

Photo: FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs is multitalented artist known mostly for her moody, haunting music. Her first album, LP1, was released in 2014 to critical acclaim, but you may know her better from this Apple HomePod commercial:

Cosplaying as your OC is pretty extra, but FKA Twigs pulls it off. In her own words, Anomalie is "an extreme empath that can channel others' emotions to unlock their super powers".

introducing anomalie

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i anomalie will defend all from A.I

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The whole story of Anomalie can be seen in the third issue of FKA Twigs' Instagram magazine. It sounds like a weird mash up of The Matrix and X-Men, with a little Avatar: The Last Airbender thrown in for good measure.

She even took this look to MCM Comic Con, where she met Sephiroth. Seeing someone as out there as FKA Twigs posing with Final Fantasy 7's villainous pretty boy is kind of blowing my mind.

FKA Twigs fans on Twitter felt similarly, with one saying, "fka twigs out here hanging out with sephiroth instead of making new music." If we aren't getting a new single, can we got that crossover fic? Thanks.


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