My Little Pony-Scythe Mash-Up Is A Proper Board Game Now

Image: Tabletopia

It originally sounded like a good joke: why not mix a Euro steampunk Euro strategy game with the world of My Little Pony? But then someone turned it into a print and play game. And later this August, you'll be able to buy a physical copy of My Little Scythe, where you can stock up on pie, get into pie fights and increase your friendship.

Available from August 18 this year, My Little Scythe is a family-friendly version of Scythe, with the mechanics around combat and resources simplified a little. Players spend their turns learning magic spells, taking apples and gems to Castle Everfree, finishing quests, building up their friendship, collecting pies and generally levelling up around the board.

Because of the simplified mechanics, the playtime is a bit shorter than Scythe - around 45 to 60 minutes, as opposed to Scythe's quoted 90 minutes to 2 hours. But it's not hugely surprising that this is getting a physical run: the fan-made print & play version won BoardGameGeek's best P&P game of last year, which is generally a good way to get noticed by board game publishers.

The game will support 1 to 6 players, slightly more than the base version of Scythe. The MSRP is set at $US50, and you'll be able to get pre-release copies from Stonemaier Games directly or GenCon/Gen Can't if you're travelling to either of those. More details are available on the Stonemaier Games website.


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