NBN Says NBN Is Making 'Solid Progress'

NBN says 6.5 million premises are now ready to connect, there are 3.7 million active premises and $1.4 billion in total revenue has been made.

The latest progress report says progress over the last nine months means 7.5 million premises are "ready for service".

And that total $1.4 billion in revenue? That's up by 112 per cent since March last year.

NBN says this is "on the back of solid progress on construction, activations and customer experience improvements during the period".

Optimisation work on Hybrid Fibre Coaxial network - after shutting it down entirely - as well as wholesale pricing offers and "internal process improvements" are scoring thumbs ups from NBN.

NBN also reckons the Multi-Technology Mix has let the network "scale quickly". NBN says everything is on track to complete 75 per cent of the build by the end of the year.

NBN says 91 per cent of NBN equipment installations "within the company's control" are achieved correctly at the first appointment.

"These results demonstrate the progress we're making on our top three priorities, which are to complete the build by 2020, improve the end user experience, and deliver a modest return on the tax payer’s investment," NBN Co Chief Executive, Bill Morrow, said. "We've shown stable performance against our long-term goals on the build side and significant improvements on customer experience."

"Our monthly progress report demonstrates that our customer experience program is working, and we know there’s more to do to get this right. The NBN Co team, delivery partners and RSPs are working quickly to make improvements across the industry for a better experience for all."


    All the while I'm paying for a 50/25 connecting and have gotten an avg of 1/5 over the past two weeks.

      Not saying your connection isn't worse than it should be, but the advertised speeds are MegaBITS rather than Bytes, so a 50/25 connection would only be something like 6/3 Megabytes.

        I am aware of that. 49mbps less.

          no its not 49 or less there all running on copper, so its 44Mbp/s copper "can" go has high as 50 Mbp/s therdicaly, over very short distances, witch they are not.

            Yes. 50 minus 49 is 1. 1 mbps.

            I am also on fixed wireless so copper doesn't come into the conversation here.

      Every night when I sit down to watch some streamed content along with every other Joe in my area I end up watching VHS quality due to this very issue.
      I am in the 'Fibre-to-the-node-never-getting-fixed' basket.

      "Have you tried turning it off and then on again".

    Well, the NBN sent some dudes round to drill holes in my wall all day, then pushed my actual installation date back by a year, which is when I'll be thrilled to receive their now "optimised" HFC. Ooh, NBN, can you feel it? I'm ready for service!

      Yeah mine was meant to be installed by now, been pushed to mid-late 2019. Didn't have dudes show up to do work on my house though, that's wild.

    Just like Abbott said he was doing well, and trump, and evey PR person ever.

    in other news, why is it taking hours to moderate my comments? what on earth is this

      Edits take forever to moderate, just make a new comment. If it's not an edit, you said something that someone didn't like and now they will moderate all your comments for some time. Happened to me once.

      Either way, moderation takes forever.

    We give ourselves two thumbs up!!

      I'll tell there exactly where they can put those thumbs up

        First over a cheese grater and then into a jar of very tart lemon juice?

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