New Japanese Switch Bundle Released Without A Dock And Other Stuff

Image: Nintendo

Nintendo is releasing a new Switch bundle in Japan. A My Nintendo Store exclusive, it's cheaper and has less stuff.

The bundle is priced at 26,978 yen ($325) and comes with the Switch, right and left Joy-Cons and Joy-Con straps.

In Japan, the standard Nintendo Switch bundle is priced at 32,378 yen ($390). It comes with the Switch, right and left Joy-Cons, Joy-Con straps, the Switch Dock, the Joy-Con Grip, an AC adaptor, and an HDMI cable.

If you don't need everything in the standard issue, this is a good way to save some yen, I guess!

No word yet if this bundle will get an international release.


    The purpose of the set is to be a second set for the same household, sharing a TV but keeping separate devices. Hence: 2代目用セット (Set for use as a second console, more or less.)

    (I think Brian could have pointed that out!)

      Brian? Translate Japanese for his primarily English-speaking audience? What a clever jest!

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