New Stardew Valley Mod Lets You Add Unlimited Players 

New Stardew Valley Mod Lets You Add Unlimited Players 

A new Stardew Valley mod removes the player limit for multiplayer, letting you farm with as many people as you want. I’m one step closer to running away with all my friends and living on a farm, provided all my friends are as obsessed with Stardew Valley as I am.

When the multiplayer beta for Stardew Valley started late last month, I was overjoyed. Finally, I could farm with my friends! More specifically, I could farm with up to four other friends.

I didn’t think much of that until I wanted Maddy Myers to join me on a farm, only for her not to be able to join because I couldn’t build another cabin for her to live in. The amount of farmers you can have join your game is tied to the cabins and you can only build four of them.

The Unlimited Players mod removes the cabin limit. Once I added it to my game, I could go the town’s carpenter, Robin and build as many cabins as I wanted.

What’s really nice about this mod is that only the host player needs to have it, so if you want to jump in on someone’s mega-farm you won’t have to learn how to mod in order to do it.

I’m excited to invite more and more players to my farm, even if we don’t all farm at the same time. That might be a bit of a clusterfuck, as the game will only move on to the next day if all the players go to bed. Imagine trying to coordinate schedules with like 10 other people! I can barely get my buddies to show up to brunch on time.

Still, I wonder how many fish we can catch and trees we can cut down with a half dozen players. Finally we have been freed from the chains of bondage and can put the mean of production back in the hands of the workers.


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