Nier Creator: Stop Complaining About Fan Art And Cosplay 

Screenshot: Square Enix UK

Yoko Taro wants folks to knock it off with the fan art and cosplay complaints, saying one of the reasons he doesn't actively retweet fan art or cosplay is because he doesn't want to broadcast them to "strange people."

"However, if they are done by people for work, then I'll post them," he recently wrote on Twitter. "The reason being that their job is to get people's attention."

But what about those who aren't professional artists or cosplayers?

"I've felt this from before, but there are too many folks complaining about fan art and cosplay done by others," he continued. "It's ok if the illustrations are no good or if they don't look anything like the character. At the very least, I'm happy."

"Generally speaking, those folks doing it because they like it, and I think people on the outskirts shouldn't moan and complain."


    This article is somewhat confusing. It's about the Nier creator complaining about other people complaining about Nier fanart and cosplay? At least there's some of this lack of clarity is obviously cultural and translation-confusion, bit more clarity next time, Kotaku?

    I think he was complaining about people complaining that he doesn't retweet or promote fan-art and fan cosplay, and then went on to complain that people shouldn't complain about fan art or cosplay that isn't of a really high standard.


    Sounds like a flimsy argument for only promoting professionally done fanart. This man wears a terrifying mask all the time, yet he can't handle making someone's day by retweeting an image with amateur anatomy or whatever? I wouldn't be surprised if he was hyper-fixated on creating a perfect image. People like that are exhausting.

    Seems a little lost in translation

    Is he saying sharing the work of someone that just does it as a hobby, opens them up to a wider audience for criticism? That it’s not fair and they don’t deserve that criticism?

    Where as someone who does it for work is more open to criticism (and potentially receives less anyway as it’s of higher quality) ??

    ie. he doesn’t like to see fans torn apart.

    I took this to mean that he doesn’t post amateur cosplay or fan art because he doesn’t want to open those unknown artists/cosplayers up to the kind of toxicity and criticism that comes with internet exposure. Whereas if they’re professional, he argues that they are doing it to build a fan base, and go in with the expectation of a certain level of criticism and are therefore more equipped to deal with negativity and the run of the mill grossness from internet trolls.

    The last bit sounds like he’s saying “I don’t care if it’s amateur or inaccurate, it makes me happy that people want to make art and cosplay from my work”.

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