Our Favourite Video Game Mums, Living And Dead

It's Kotaku XP, our weekly video discussion of hot Kotaku topics! This week, Kotaku's Gita Jackson and I talked about the Nintendo Switch Online announcements, the Fortnite Avengers crossover, the Met Gala, that cool Battlefield 1 Easter egg, and our favourite Video Mums.

Here's an excerpt:

Gita: Who's your favourite video game mum?

Tim: When you say video game mum do you mean "Video Mum" - who's my favourite Video Mum?

Gita: I suppose I do.

Tim: I like the mum in Mother - Earthbound.


Tim: Who's your favourite Video Mum?

Gita: I never know what to say when I think about this. It always takes me so long to think about a Video Mum. Because so many of them in video games are dead.

Tim: Oh, yeah.

Gita: I mean, right now, I'm playing God of War, pretty much exclusively. And guess what? Don't got a mum in that one.

Tim: Yeah, she's dead before the… God darn camera fades up!

Gita: You know, the whole game is about how much they love their mum so maybe it's like a Mother's Day game anyway?

Tim: Yeah, there's a - quite a bulk of the conversations in that game are about the mum.

Gita: Lovin' the mum!

Tim: [In a little boy voice] Mum's cool! I liked mum! Mum took me hunting!

Gita: Jason was talking about all his favourite JRPG mums this morning in Slack. Suikoden 5 has a cool mum -


Tim: Chrono Trigger, he's got a mum, who wakes him up in the morning. "Wake up, sleepyhead." Lucca's mum in Chrono Trigger figures really heavily into a cutscene. That's a good mum.

Gita: Great, well, you should -

Tim: However, she gets her legs ripped off by a machine. Spoilers if you haven't played Chrono Trigger.

Gita: That's a really sad ending for that mum.

Tim: So you know she's, uh, a dismembered mum. Or is it dismumbered?

Gita: Holy shit.

Tim: Let's not talk about this.

Gita and I were not able to think of too many (living) video game mums off the top of our heads, so this is where we ask you to tell us about your favourite video game mums!

This week, in the interest of colour coordination, I zipped up my jacket so that Gita and I were both dressed in all black. What T-shirt lurks beneath my jacket? I will never say.


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