Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year

The Switch will get two Pokemon games this year, including Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu!, Pokemon: Let’s Go: Eevee! and Pokemon Quest, it was revealed today.

Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee and Let’s Go Pikachu! were announced, showcasing features like throwing the Pokeball Pokemon Go-style with Joycons. It’s principally based on Pokemon Yellow but it’s inspired by the classic RPG, rather than being a remake according to reporters at the conference. Both versions will launch internationally on November 16.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year
Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year

The game will support drop-in and drop-out co-op for two players, and can connect to Pokemon GO so you can bring your Pokemon Go team into Pokemon Let’s Go. There’ll also be a Pokeball controller, the PokeBall Plus:

Pokemon: Let’s Go will feature the original 151 Pokemon from the Kanto region, plus a few from Alola. Exeggutor has already been announced, with the Alolan variation appearing in Pokemon GO from today.

It was also revealed in the Q&A after that separate Switch accounts would have their own saves, meaning that you wouldn’t need to buy separate copies of Let’s Go to share it with a partner/family member. Let’s Go, however, will only have local multiplayer.

The announcement was made at a press conference today, which featured speakers from Game Freak, Nintendo, Niantic and the Pokemon Company. It began with the reveal of Pokemon Quest, which is being released on smartphones as well as the Switch.

It’ll be free-to-start, according to the official Pokemon account. Pokemon Quest will let trainers explore Tumblecube Island with “a team of up to three Pokemon”. And as an added bonus, it’s available on the Switch now.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year

An “all-new core series” Pokemon RPG is also in development, due out in the second half of next year.

Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu & Eevee, Pokemon Quest Coming To The Switch This Year

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  • “The kind of Pokémon they become is completely up to you!”

    So… I can have a Charmander that uses Water Cannon?

    • Agreed, love that guy. It did show the character with other guys following with him in the video though so we should hold out hope.

  • Set in Kanto. Oh my!
    That’s one way to get me to buy a switch.
    But it looked like you don’t battle wild Pokémon, not a fan of that.
    Will wait and see if it’s like a proper pokemon game with traveling around fighting gyms, but my interest is certainly piqued.

    • It’s supposed to be a remake of Yellow, and there is fighting in the trailer. My guess is trainers battle/catching is like GO!

      • That’s what I figured and so it’s still a negative.
        Though the trainer/trainer battles did at least look normal so that’s good, though don’t know why they wouldn’t extend that to catching Pokémon. You can still have your real life throwing action when you get to pokeball stage.

        • Yeah, that’s kind of how I thought it would work. The GO! catching system just used for throwing Pokeballs. I would assume this will mean more trainers to gain experience? Or will Pokemon leveling be based on catching multiples too? Will be interesting to find out more at E3

  • Where is my Pokemon full rpg in an open world (like BOTW)? No word on if the Pokemon game releasing in the second half of next year is coming to Switch?

    • You’re describing the version of Pokemon my partner was hoping for when the pre-announcement tease mentioned it would change the world.

      Nope. Just another Pokemon on a different platform with a handful of nifty features.

  • Co-op Pokemon is a yes from me, but Pokemon GO integration is a no. I realise it’s probably optional but I feel like the Pokemon GO Ship sailed a long time ago. I also wish it looked a bit nicer, it’s like an upscaled 3DS game.

    • There is still some pretty hardcore players, and I imagine this is lure some lapsed players back.

      That said, it looks to me like Pokemon GO! Pokemon just wander around that park. I imagine if you can bring them in for battle etc there will be a limit of one a day or something.

    • I know it might seem like that, but Pokémon GO is still pretty massive. My partner plays every day still, and she doesn’t even play games. We went to a high level raid a few weeks back for the first time, and there were 35(!) people there – and I live in a town of about 50k people!

  • Wow, this looks great. I love the co-op. Perfect for introducing my kids to pokemon. I’ll have a blast playing this with them.

  • Wow this … looks really disappointing. They have been hinting at making a pokemon switch game for awhile and all this time being tight lipped about it.

    And we find out it is just a remake of a generation we already had a remake for. More than that it will also not have a myriad of pokemon from the later generations unless traded in it looks like?

    Also what is up with the wild battles. It looks like you can just see what is there and run into them to start a battle. And it seems battle might be the wrong word? It seems like you just throw the pokemon now pokemon Go style (Which is a huge step down from the system we know and love in the current games) Do you get the chance to battle pokemon. Or is it just this pokemon GO mini game now?

  • I was so antsy at the idea of Pokémon GO mechanics coming into the mainline games, but honestly this looks cool as hell. Hell yes to the seeing Pokémon on the map instead of random encounters!

  • I kinda love this. They basically took all the fun parts of Pokemon Go and wrapped the most well-known game in the series around it.

    It makes sense that they would set a “Go” style game in Kanto, launching Go with the original lineup of Pokemon was key in playing up the nostalgia from the public.

    Also, it’s perfectly spaced out in terms of giving us twelve months to play with this before a new “core” games is released.

  • My kids are going to love this, although for me not to sure, if looks like the Go gimmick rolled into a Pokeman lite game.

  • Not a fan of those human designs. I wish they stuck with more normally proportioned people like in Sun/Moon.

  • Man, I was really hanging for a core Pokemon title, I’m not sure about this. I didn’t buy a 3DS, so I haven’t played a mainstay Pokemon since Black and White 2. Didn’t really get into GO; the pokeball throwing mechanic/animation is fine, but I need turn based combat, stats, and captured pokemon that don’t canabalise each other to level. As soon as I saw 2 people throwing 2 pokeballs at the same Clefairy, my heart sank… :/

  • This makes me vaguely cranky.

    I’ll wait for the 2019 game announce and see if it’s worth revisiting then.

  • I think for a lot of us, waiting until we know more about the 2019 game is on the cards.

    This looks fine, but not my cup of tea. The encountering and capturing of pokemon seems to be more or less the same as GO, but the area you explore is Kanto, rather than your neighbourhood. Battling is not something you do to weaken pokemon for capture, from the trailer though, it’s not particularly clear whether battling other trainers is something that you can do in the overworld, or whether there will be a specific part of the game for battling (like the battle tree).

    It looks pretty, but hardly representative of a main entry, which we know it’s not. The main entry titles usually look to push the formula forward from a setting standpoint, and going back to square one in Kanto with a shiny new coat of paint to me seems like something very unlike what we will see for the title next year

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