Here's The First Official Trailer For The Predator Sequel

It probably won't help anyone who's pining for a Alien vs. Predator remake. But if you want to see how the Predator sequel is coming along, here's the first official trailer.

A two minute teaser dropped overnight, showcasing the basic setup: the Predator crash lands on Earth, a bunch of soldiers come into contact and get summarily slaughtered, and the Predator then sets about upgrading itself with DNA from our planet.

Fun for the whole species, then.

The Predator hits theatres nationally from September 13.


    I'm not seething my hopes all that high but please be good...

    I've been hoping this was going to be good, but the trailer looks pretty average and reminds me a bit too much of AVP2.

    With Shane Black writing and directing, it's at least worth a watch.

    It probably won't help anyone who's pining for a Alien vs. Predator remake.

    Who? Toby? But he's totally weird.

    Was excited when I heard it was Shane Black but it looks terrible. Doesn't seem like anything can live up to the first. It was made by the same director who did Die Hard at the height of his abilities.

      Unpopular opinion but I actually prefer the second one. I also happen to like Predators. The franchise thus far has a better track record than Alien, and Shane Black makes me have some level of faith that this idea is salvageable.

      I just don't see how a Predator would want to mix genes with a human. They're superior in every way. Unless the hybridisation isn't with humans? I dunno. Cautiously optimistic about it.

        They adapt to the hunt, its probably a thought of natural evolution to change to something they have lost against. Almost could be a pseudo adaptation of concrete jungles pred-human hybrid.

        Predators was super entertaining. I have no idea what all the hate is for.

          Yeah I thought it was good too, it mixed it up nicely and the "twist" wasn't too bad.

          It was also left pretty wide open for a sequel too, so this is a bit strange.

        Aliens 1 & 2 are absolute classics though. Predator has 1.

        Apparently the last 3rd of the film has undergone reshoots as well so not a great sign that they're following the writer's vision.

          Agreed, two of my favourite films in fact. But then the franchise has another four films which are average at best, god awful at worst (with some interesting ideas thrown in, granted). Predator 1 and 3 are solid, and 2 was received mixed-negative. So that's two thirds of the Alien franchise being bad, and one third of the Predator franchise being bad.

          Reshoots happen all the time, they're not necessarily an indication of studio interference or poor quality. It can often times be as simple as "oh we forgot to shoot Guy picking up his cup, but he's holding it all throughout this scene—better fix that". Blade Runner, Jaws and The Avengers all had reshoots, and are widely considered classics.

          Just googled The Predator's reshoots though and oh my. Almost the entire third act? That doesn't sound good.

            Yah. It's not a positive sign at all. But then again Rogue One had very extensive reshoots and I really enjoyed what they ended up with. Far more so than the other new films. It's my fave after the original trilogy.

    Do you know whats cool!? PREDATOR!
    Do you know what else is cool!? ALIENS!

    *movie focuses on the humans*

    This trailer reminds me of that. The only time I want to see a human being is when he/she is getting killed by a/the Predator/Alien(s)

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    I don't know why I got my hopes for this, but that trailer was seriously underwhelming. Given studios' propensity for spoiling movies by showing all the best parts in the trailer... that was the best we can expect? I'll wait for DVD.

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