PUBG Apparently Has Mysterious Golden Treasure Chests Now

PUBG Apparently Has Mysterious Golden Treasure Chests Now

Reddit user b3ggo shares an image of one of Sanhok’s strange treasure chests.Image: Reddit

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still working the kinks out of its new map, Sanhok, adding more and details with each new test period. The most recent test opened the map to all players, who have discovered strange golden chests lurking around the island.

Sanhok started as a test map called “Savage,” a 4×4 grid island much smaller than the 8×8 grid maps already in the game. The reduced scale encourages close combat and picks up the game’s pace to match its competitor, Fortnite Battle Royale.

Since then, the map returned once in another closed test and again for all players to explore. Each new round of testing has added new buildings and details, turning it from an island of greybox assets to something with more character. During this last round of testing, some players say they have found another change: the addition of golden treasure chest in random locations.

PUBG Apparently Has Mysterious Golden Treasure Chests NowAnother user claims to have found a treasure chest near the Ruins. (Image: Reddit)

Another user claims to have found a treasure chest near the Ruins.Image: Reddit

Posters on Reddit are sharing pictures of treasure chests found throughout the map in inconspicuous locations.

One was found tucked away behind a massive rock formation near Bootcamp Alpha while another is apparently located in a forest Northeast of the Ruins. There appears to be no option to interact with them. Players are unsure of what purpose they could have, mostly joking that they hide generic weapon skins or are a shoutout to Fortnite Battle Royale’s sparkling, loot granting treasure chests.

It’s possible that the chest will have a use when Sanhok finally goes live but for now, players eager to hunt for more will have to wait for the next round of testing. In the meantime, Kotaku has reached out to PUBG Corporation for more information.

It’s not quite as dramatic as falling meteors but it does add a pinch of mystery to the battle royale.


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