Qantas Are Doing Cheap Japan Flights Again

Heads up people: cheap Japan flights are on the table once again. And instead of going through Jetstar, these deals are with Qantas direct, allowing people to fly to Osaka, Tokyo, Fukuoka, or Sapporo for bugger all.

The exact price will depend on your departure destination. But a cursory check this morning revealed that you can grab flights out of Sydney to Osaka from $329, or from $348 if you're leaving from Melbourne's Tullamarine Airport.

Those from Melbourne can also get $349 one way deals on flights to Sapporo, Fukuoka and Narita. Sydney travellers can fly to Narita Airport for $349 as well, although other Japanese destinations are a little pricier.

Here's a quick snap of the deals for those in Melbourne:

A quick shot of the deals available for travellers leaving Melbourne.

And for Sydneysiders:

As always, you'll have to check the departure windows as well. For a flight from Sydney to Osaka, the available windows were: June 2 to June 13, 14 July to 28 July, October 22 to November 15, and 15 January to 28 February next year.

For more details, check out the Fly Away Sale here and pop your departure city to get exact pricing. The sale ends on May 14.


    Opened this article preparing to be angry given that I booked flights to Japan last weekend thinking I totally overpaid. Turns out not really. Managed to book Melb to Tokyo return for $825 on Japan Airlines. Still though, these are good deals.

      I just got back from a trip to Japan (from Melb) and flew with Japan Airlines for the first time. They were great, smooth flight and as far as airline food goes, not too bad.

      No they aren't.

      Jetstar had $400 return melb to tokyo.

        Jetstar's free return flights will always be the best deal - although as someone who's paid for Jetstar and Qantas to Japan on separate occasions, I'd pay the extra to take Qantas if it was within a couple of hundred bucks. You've always got to add an extra $150 or so with Jetstar because of checked baggage and what not (although you could be really cheeky and have no checked baggage on the way over, buy everything you need in Japan for stupid cheap, and bring that stuff on the way back).

    Gutted, the dates skip over the dates i need them between the 23rd of june to 18th july. Guess ill keep looking for best cost and air time.

    Worth checking Skyscanner or the like to find the best deals on the return flight. You might get a good deal on a date flying over, but most people wouldn't be travelling one way so could get stung with a pricey flight home again.

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