Razer Blade And Razer Core X: Australian Pricing

Razer's unveiled their latest refresh of the Blade, their flagship gaming laptop. Now we've got local pricing - and prices for the new Core X GPU enclosure as well.

We'll start with the Razer Blade first. While there's no pricing available on the iterations of Blade with the 4K screen, prices for the 1080p IPS model start from $3000.

Here's the exact pricing for each iteration. Note that all models of the Blade ship with 16GB of RAM and the i7-8750H (2.2Ghz/4.1GHz) CPU.

$2,999.00 - Display: FHD(60Hz), GPU: GTX 1060, HDD: 256GB
$3,399.00 - Display: FHD(144Hz), GPU: GTX 1060, HDD: 512GB
$3,699.00 - Display: FHD(144Hz), GPU: GTX 1070, HDD: 256GB
$3,999.00 - Display: FHD(144Hz), GPU: GTX 1070, HDD: 512GB

The pricing puts the base version of this year's Blade at $100 more, although you're getting a screen that's almost 2 full inches larger, so that's not a bad trade-off.

It's a similar story as you go up the line. The 2018 Blade with 512GB storage is around $300 more than last year's, but you're getting a 144Hz screen as well as all the other improvements.

As for the Core X, that'll be available in Australia for $469. One big advantage here is that the Core X will also support Mac laptops, which helps gaming on Mac substantially although you're still limited to the range of games with Mac support.

For the rest of the specs, they are as follows:

Connection to PC: Thunderbolt™ 3 using included 40Gbps cable
GPU Type: Up to 3-Slot wide, full-length, PCI-Express x16 graphics card
GPU Max Power Support: 500 Watts
Razer Core X max inner dimensions: 330mm x 160mm x 60mm
Input & Output: Thunderbolt™ 3 (for connection to PC)

Whether you've got some spare GPUs lying around is another matter, but I can see Mac users getting a ton of use out of the Core X. That said, Apple is widely expected to announce a new line of MacBook Pro's at WWDC next Tuesday.

But if you'd rather grab a cheaper MacBook and spend that extra grand on the Core X and a good GPU to go with it, that's a viable option too. More info about the Razer Blade and the Core X can be found on Razer's site.


    The trouble with these is that the 1060/1070 has been out for a really bloody long time (1060 was announced 18.08.2016 = 649 days ago and the 1070 not long after that) time and soon there will be an 11xx refresh, making the graphics card outdated pretty much as soon as the lappie comes out and then they will do a end of year updated model. The same thing happened last time they released a new model without waiting for the gfx card refresh to come.

    Last edited 29/05/18 8:52 am

    Still absurdly expensive.

    If you want a gaming laptop with a decent eGPU interface, Alienware’s proprietry system still performs the best at this stage.

      These look better than the alienwares though.
      And all gaming laptops are pretty much stupidly expensive.
      But it depends what your after.
      For me something like this would replace my pc and laptop.
      When you think of it like that the price is more reasonable.

        I said "if you want an eGPU" - in that case, Alienware's proprietary connector is actually superior to TB3 - it's basically a direct PCI-E link as opposed to TB3 with shared bandwidth. If you want to run an eGPU then I'd probably pick the Alienware device. If you don't care about that - then this might be more competitive.

        You'll probably find cheaper laptops in the coming year with similar feature sets anyway. Razer are always pretty expensive.

          Yeah I've heard that but man the alienwares are pretty chunky.
          The sleeker design of the razer, especially with it's edge to edge screen, looks a lot better and would be easier to live with as a laptop.
          Maybe but it's not just the internals that interest me. It has to be usable as a laptop.
          So many of these gaming laptops get too hot / are too heavy / etc etc
          Will see anyway. Don't have the money to buy anything atm.

      Are they though? Similarly thin and mobile gaming laptops with 144MHz screens like the Gigabyte Aero and MSI Stealth are basically the same price.

    I know these are nicely built, but really, they need about $1k off the price of any of these models before they are actually attractive.

      For anyone who does want to splurge on one.. it's typically best to buy a Razer Blade off an international seller like HIDEvolution.

      Cheaper, and (ironically) you get much better service in the event there are any issues.

      To be honest they really aren't. When you look at their USD pricing the 144hz model starts at $2200, I just did a quick Google search and something with similar specs was a MSI GS65 Stealth with a 128GB SSD & 8GB ram and that was $1900 USD with a FHD 144hz screen & a 6GB GTX1060.

      But you have to remember the 144hz Blade comes with 16gb ram & 512gb SSD as its base specs. So that's much better value already.

      There's a bit of a mark up on that model of blade when converting straight from USD to AUD, at just under $500, which still isn't THAT bad, considering our price factors in sales taxes & the US pricing does not. Which after that makes it somewhat competitive if you go off their highest sales tax which is California at 10.2%

        I wasn't talking comparative to other brands or countries. I was talking specs and material, which really aren't justifying themselves for the price. Not as nice a build obviously, but I picked up a ASUS TUF 15" notebook w/ Six Core, 1050 Ti, 120hz 1080p screen, 16GB ram, 256GB SSD + 1TB HDD for $1700 recently. Really IMO, the 1060 models shouldn't be breaching $2500, especially since we are still talking mid range graphics.

        But we've started to see this with all the gaming gimmicky stuff lately though, screens in particular ($3500 4k 144hz screen anyone?), and laptops aren't immune.

    The problem I have with costing more than previous models is sure it has more features but technology depreciates in cost over time. So even though there's new additions in there the existing old stuff will be cheaper.

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