Relax, Starburst Lollies Are Not Dead

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Today, sweet-toothed Aussies awoke to the distressing news that Starburst lollies are being pulled from supermarket shelves. "Say goodbye to your childhood!" one news story proclaimed. Except the panic is entirely unfounded. Starburst lollies aren't going anywhere.

For those who aren't well versed in '90s confectionary, Starburst is a popular brand of lolly manufactured by Mars. Originally offered in fruit chew form, the brand has expanded to include everything from chewing gum to gummies and snakes.

By now, you've probably heard all about the brand's demise through your social media feed. Everyone from to New Idea have been jumping on the story.

In actual fact, reports of Starburst's death have been greatly exaggerated. Here's the crux of the story: Coles has decided to stop selling the brand due to lacklustre sales and limited shelf space. That's it.

"Unfortunately we can confirm that Starburst varieties have been removed from our national range," a Coles spokesperson said on the company's Facebook page. "We understand how frustrating it can be to see a favourite product disappear from the shelf and we can assure you that this decision is not one made lightly."

While this obviously isn't great news for Mars, the lolly will continue to be manufactured and sold elsewhere in Australia. (It's worth noting that Woolworths made a similar decision several years ago and that didn't seem to hurt the brand any.)

IGA has confirmed it will continue to sell Starburst. You can also get them at most petrol stations and convenience stores around the country. This is a total non-story, just like the headlines that claimed McDonald's was axing the Happy Meal back in Feburary. Chalk it up to fake news (or a slow news day.)

In conclusion, your Starburst lollies are safe for the time being. Chew in peace.


    I’ll never understand why Australians call candy (US) or sweets (UK) lollies.

    Lolly is the short form of lollipop; which by definition is a confection on a stick.

    Still, I’m glad to hear that Starbursts (AKA Opel Fruits) aren’t gone yet. I stress ‘yet’ as surely this is another nail in the coffin.

      Lolly/lollie is also the word for sweet or candy in Australia.

      Different countries tend to have different names for things?
      You sorta cover that with your own examples...

      Often the names come from brands, slang and other colloquial differences.
      Like a duvet in Australia is called a Doona after a brand, also permanent markers getting called a texta.

      I could be wrong but I think the word lolly actually originated from the UK first and was simply replaced over time by the term sweets.
      (NZ also uses lollies too)

      We call them lollies for the same reason the Japanese call Creme Caramel pudding. It's also why chips are crisps in the US and French Fries are chips in Australia, a combination of broadening semantics and cultural borrowing of words.

      The same concept also describes why holidays are no longer restricted to holy days and why meat is no longer a term describing any kind of food.

      Is it the short form of lollipop? Or is Lollipop an extended form of lolly to denote that it is mounted on a stick, like a paddle pop/popsicle?

    Well, it's not really "fake news" - because the news that Coles is pulling the product from store shelves is indeed real. People are just reading this news and jumping to their own conclusions.

    Maybe not dead, but also not easily available where I live, so functionally dead.

    Nearest IGA is 10kms away, while I walk through or past the nearest Woolies on the way too and from work. A block either way of the Woolies is a Coles or Aldi, so why would I travel 10 kms just to get lollies? They aren't THAT good.

    Net effect? No more Starburst for me.

      You must not go to any other shops ever then, nor see any vending machines in your daily travels? That sucks, but hey more burst for me !

    Yet they have about 80kms of aisle for Allen's and natural confectionary plus their own shite home brand.
    And IGA fucking sucks, they are the little store yet they are more expensive for literally everything than coles and woolies. Fuck guess I'm. Gonna have to go there now though as Starbursts are by far the best snakes (and babies).

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