Report: Philly’s Overwatch Contenders Jerseys Banned Because Of ‘FU’

Report: Philly’s Overwatch Contenders Jerseys Banned Because Of ‘FU’

Photo: Fusion University (Twitter)

The Philadelphia Fusion’s Overwatch Contenders team, University, is playing without jerseys in today’s season one finals, not due to a laundry mishap or lost luggage but apparently the giant “FU” emblazoned on their game wear.

The University, which competes in Contenders – essentially the Overwatch League’s minor league – announced on Twitter that their “FU jerseys” had been banned by Contenders for being “too hot to handle.”

Fusion staff confirmed to Dot Esports that they were banned.

Without their FU’s, the University was left to take the stage against semifinalist OpTic Academy wearing what looks like stagehand’s attire in your local high school’s production of Seussical.

Fusion University was also without their FU’s today, when they took the stage for the grand final of the Contenders season against Toronto Esports.

Philadelphia Fusion’s CFO Joe Marsh tweeted a four-panel meme about the FU jerseys being banned, despite other salacious phrases like Houston Outlaw CoolMatt’s number 69 jersey and McCree’s “BAMF” belt buckle in-game being ok.

Fun fact: the Philadelphia 76ers basketball arena was, for a few years, called the First Union Center, or FUC.

We have reached out to Blizzard to confirm the reasoning behind the banned jerseys, but they did not respond by time of publication.


  • This is a good thing, what if someone on the Internet got offended by it?

    I applaud this kind of censorship, we need more of it. I’d rather have a banned team than risk having someone getting triggered.

    • The team wasn’t banned, don’t be so sensitive.

      Branding and culture are important.

    • I enjoyed this comment.
      Except the part where some people actually think this way.

  • I read in the paper that the education system is winding back all the political correctness & all nonsense that has burdened the core principles of English etc. You’d think a jersey that has FU would be okay as FU doesn’t mean anything negative, It’s just political correctness going to far over nothing.

    • The education system has nothing to do with your nonsenscal world view. And besides its too busy being a neocon political football to accomplish anything.

      • I made a comment about political correctness going too far & having a burden on the English curriculum with unnecessary political correctness that has seeped in, That’s all i meant.

        • Yeah fair enough. But how is political correctness a burden on the English curriculum? I’m not convinced. Also you mentioned unnecessary political correctness, what is the distinction between necessary and unnecessary political correctness in your view?

  • America…. so weird. Ultraviolence? Cool. Racism? Sure why not, even the Prez is on board. Two letters next to each other? Kill with fire!! I hope to hell these poor guys dont also have nipples…..

  • Overwatch Contenders is a feeder competition for Overwatch League. Blizzard is pushing professionalism in both, to ensure wide appeal to viewers, broadcasters and sponsors. This is a good thing, it isn’t new, and I don’t know why any of you are constantly surprised any time it comes up.

    Video gaming isn’t an exceptional thing, everyone plays games. Maybe 20 years ago you could argue it was a self-contained community but it’s so widespread today that’s no longer true. The same standards of professionalism apply to professional gaming as they do to any other professional competition. They wouldn’t allow this type of jersey in the NRL or FIFA, the same level of standard applies here.

  • …what is salacious about ‘BAMF’? Am I missing something? The noise Nightcrawler makes when he teleports? Am I just an old man now?

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