Rumours Suggest That Retro Studios Is Making A Star Fox Racing Game

Star Fox and crew. Via Nintendo

A piping hot new E3 rumour suggests that Retro Studios, the Nintendo-owned developer behind the Metroid Prime trilogy, is making a Star Fox racing game. These rumours have been floating around gossipy Nintendo fan and writer circles for at least a few weeks now, but they have only gone public today, suggesting that Retro's new game is called Star Fox: Grand Prix.

We've heard the same from a source plugged into goings-on at Nintendo, and we've also heard from two other sources that the Austin, Texas-based Retro had a separate project that went through a rocky development cycle and may in fact be canceled. The person familiar with this Star Fox racing game confirmed many of the details that have been floating around the web, on Reddit and 4chan and Eurogamer and many other places.

Grand Prix is said to be a lot like Diddy Kong Racing in that, unlike Nintendo's other major racing series, Mario Kart, this game will have a story mode and boss battles.

Retro, which rose to prominence with its work on the seminal Metroid Prime and its two sequels, has spent the past decade with apes, first developing Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii and then supervising a port for 3DS, followed by Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze for the Wii U and then a port for Switch (which is phenomenal).

Now, Retro appears to be switching animals, taking lead on the next game in a franchise that has been floundering. Star Fox Zero released in 2016 to mediocre reviews.

Last year, Nintendo announced Metroid Prime 4, then added that Retro would not be involved with the game. Neither company has said why.

It may come as unwelcome news to longtime fans of the studio that Retro is working on a Star Fox racing game rather than a new Metroid Prime or a brand new IP, as many Nintendo fans have been hoping.

Nintendo did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


    It'll probably be cool and all, but I want Retro to make a new Prime and I want a Star Fox game to be an arcade-y dogfighting game. Then get someone like Hal labs to make a new Diddy Kong racing.


    Sounds like great fun to me! I'm hoping this rumour turns out to be true.

    Retro have really proven themselves, I am down with this if it turns out to be true.

    How i imagine this going

    Retro: "Hey Nintendo, we got this neat idea for a new F-Zero game!"
    Nintendo: "F-What? This needs to be tied to one of our existing IP's, what IP would be a good fit for a futuristic racing game... preferably with a well loved character who's appeared in all of the Smash Bro's games...."
    Retro: "But... Captain Falcon is in Sma-"
    Nintendo: "Hey! that one character you've put in these design documents looks like a human Fox Mcloud... why not make it a Star Fox Spin-Off!"

    It could be really good, I imagine something kind of like Wipeout or Extreme G, fast racing with weapons and so on thrown into the mix, with a Starfox twist. I'll reserve my judgment but it has plenty of potential if it's true.

    How about a NEW Starfox game?
    No no a NEW Starfox game that isn't a remake of Starfox 64/Lylat Wars!
    And you could make it without motion controls. You know, the one major thing that put everyone off of Starfox Zero?

    According to 4chan, the whole racing game angle is a complete fake.

    Of course, 4chan. I wouldn't get my hopes up about any of these rumors, but I'm happy to eat crow if the "fake rumours" rumour is fake.

    Ubisoft to the public - "its a tactical turn based shooter set in the mario universe with rabbids
    The public - WTF?!? worst idea ever, Nintendo is doomed.

    Actual game turns out to be really cool

    Calm your tits people. Wait and see.

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