Sailor Moon Wedding Ring Only $1,486

Image: Bandai

In Sailor Moon, when Usagi finally married her beloved Mamoru, she wore a pink heart-shaped stone offset by jewels. Now, Bandai is making real-life versions of that ring.

Priced at 162,000 yen ($US1,486 ($1,972)), the ring is made from platinum and made in Japan. The heart-shaped jewel is synthetic corundum, while the smaller stones are 0.13ct diamonds.

Image: Bandai

Inside the ring, it reads "Mamoru to Usagi," meaning "Mamoru and Usagi" in English, but I guess it could also mean "to." You know, as in "to."


    That's actually a really nice looking ring and I am sure there would be plenty of brides happy to receive it.

    Even more so if they are Sailor Moon fans :D

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