Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Leak Indicates A Huge Upgrade

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The rumour mill is churning around the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, and this time it's whispering that it may be more powerful than originally thought.

Tipster Ice Universe teased on Twitter that we could be looking at 8GB of RAM and 512GB of storage.

If this is true, it's a huge jump on the 4GB of RAM in the S9 and 6GB in the S9+. Not to mention the storage options which sit at 64GB, 128GB and 256GB.

Possible footage and and image of a Note 9 screen protector have also emerged.

These latest leaks come mere weeks after Ice Universe claimed that there would be no outward design changes to the Note 9.

Other leaks to date have included the possibility of a 3,850mAh or 4,000mAh battery, as well as supposed benchmarking results from Geekbench.

Of course, none of these leaks have been confirmed by Samsung. So far they are just rumours, some of which are coming from a Twitter account with a relatively small follower base.

And if the Geekbench results are to be believed, they are in conflict with the 8GB RAM that has been teased.

That being said, Ice Universe has been uncannily accurate with leaks in the past. According to Forbes, they were the first to reveal the Note 8 design and photos of the Galaxy S8, and they were correct about every S9 spec.

So while it's always a good idea to remain sceptical, we'll definitely be keeping our eyes on these sources.


    I just want a big PHat battery and I'm happy

    There is 0 reason to have that much RAM in a phone except it looks good on paper.

      Isn't Android an OS that loves RAM? Where as iOS doesn't need huge amounts to get by comfortably? But also increasing RAM sizes on phones lets developers be lazy & not make applications be efficient with RAM use.

        I think iOS is a bit more efficient but Android doesn't need crazy amounts of RAM unless you've got some horribly clunky stuff going on as well. I've run pure Android on my last few devices and the even mid range devices never suffered.

          Ah fair call. I see a lot of whining that Android seems to eat RAM. I mean just because Chrome does on Windows, doesn't mean all Google software does.. Or maybe it does, I dunno.

            Since you can put shit/no RAM in a pendo tablet, you'll get complaints like that. Comes with having a budget and premium product under the same 'android' umbrella.

      But the numbers are appealing to the "PC Master Race" and FIFO Bogan demographic. Bigger numbers means bigger goodness. Work hard not smart.

        Laughing at FIFO Bogan demographic.
        Also pretty true.

    I suspect they will be pushing the VR thing pretty hard soon.

    I got suckered in by the 'hardware' from Samsung last Note.

    Missed their shitty their 'try and replace everything with shitty Samsung versions' and trying to get in your way as much as possible implementation.

      Are you saying you miss the old samsung bloat? I've been using my Note 8 since launch and I cannot fault it with anything major. I would have preferred better audio as per the S9, and a return to a larger battery, but that is fixed by my battery case, but Samsungs Android with Nova Launcher is pretty faultless to me. Much better experience than the Note 2 I had which turned me off Android for a few years....

      Love the extra RAM it has over regular 4GB phones, comes in handy with how I use it. Would have to be a decent upgrade on Note 9 to give me reason to upgrade, at this stage I don't see that happening. No fault of Note 9, but just hardware iterations in general.

        Never used a previous Samsung. And yeah, the bloat is still terrible.

    Have Samsung gotten any better at pushing OS updates? No? Not interested then, no matter how good the hardware if I have to wait a year or something for a major OS update it’s not worth it. Especially if I’m waiting because Samsung are busy trying to duplicate Google’s apps and services with inferior attempts of their own.

      They're better at it. Not perfect, but better. The S8 got Oreo about 4 months after it was first released, which is reasonably quick, only a few weeks after Sony. HTC, LG and Motorola all updated after Samsung did.

        Did it? I had an S8+ until January and never got an update to Oreo. Are you sure you don’t mean the limited beta participation?

          Sorry, typo, I meant 6 months. Rollout for the S8 started in late February. A lot of the other manufacturers didn't get theirs going until April.

            Seems like Samsung have gotten better then, but a rolling 6 month rollout is still pretty annoying - another 3 months from now and we'll probably see a new Android release. I know it takes time to integrate major updates with TouchWiz and all the other crap they bundle, but it's still frustrating. I can see why Google want to divorce that stuff from the base OS as much as possible.

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