Save Over $2000 On A Microsoft Surface Book [Update: And They’re Gone!]

Save Over $2000 On A Microsoft Surface Book [Update: And They’re Gone!]
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Yeah you read that correctly, you can currently get a Surface book for $1600, which is $2,200 less than you usual RRP. Here are all the details.


All gone, people. According to the listing, just over 900 Surface Books were sold. Not a bad bargain if you got it.

Usually around $3,800, eBay currently have a deal that brings the 256GB Intel Core i7 Surface Book down to $2000. But if you add PCSAVINGS as a checkout code it will come down even lower to around $1,600.

Nice one.

You can check out the deal right here.


  • Can anyone tell me the difference between a Surface book and Surface book with performance base (the one in this article)? Because they also list this one;

    For the same price, except it’s 512GB storage and 16GB RAM. Couldn’t find a listing on the video or CPU (other than i7). On the face of it, it seems like the better deal. But I feel like the MS surface models are hard to tell apart and without knowing the CPU/Video it’s hard to decide.

    • There’s a big ol’ thread about this on OzBargain due to the lack of description by Microsoft. From memory, it seems that the 512GB version on eBay has a 940M GPU and the Performance Base is 965M.

      • Thanks for that. That’s the sort of thing I was trying to find out.

        The decision now becomes whether better video is worth more than more storage and ram…

  • It was the previous gen book, but bloody hell.

    To make matters worse, I bought the current gen one yesterday :(.

  • These things are a massive pain, so don’t feel too bad if you missed out.

    Our company bought 50 of them, 4 were DOA due to various issues (wont turn on, dead pixels, chassis powdercoating done wrong, etc) and since purchasing we have returned 3 others (keyboard base failure, battery failures) in less than a year.

    They also have massive issues with the hinge system, where it wont connect properly or if you move the screen ever so slightly it will turn off and on – and this is even coming from users who don’t use the detach feature.

    They also have major issues connecting to the surface docks, you external displays will drop off, or your network will disconnect etc.

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