It's pretty hard not to recognise ET, one of the most iconic failures of video games. Especially with ET's tiny bit of square junk. I'd actually never noticed that in screenshots until I drew it yesterday.

Special congrats to 35 who obviously knew the game, but ran with a joke referencing the landfill. Nice work.

But how will you go with today's game? Good luck! (Perspective is slightly off, but it's meant to be isometric.)


    Sim Farm

      Don't think so ..... I don't see the "Failed to connect to server" prompt.

      Wrong time I know, but who's gonna complain about an EA bash?


        Was thinking of the old win 98 back in the day but yeh, it's probably not, I think the angle is off a bit for it to be a barn. Swing and a miss :(

          Was thinking of the old win 98 back in the day

          Hehehehe. I now have the sudden urge to play some good old SimTower.

          Just need to dig out my PowerPC Mac as it's too much effort to get going on Windows these days.

    Who Dares Wins II

    gonna take a wild guess here and say warcraft 2. the entrance to the gold mine icon maybe?

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