Good spot Talicca: yesterday's game was the original Baldur's Gate, although theblink's guess of Pillars of Eternity wasn't bad.

BG1 was on my mind due to the release of Pillars of Eternity 2, given the game's lineage and all.

But let's move out of the RPG genre. Can you guess what today's game is?


    Well that's the closest I've ever been to winning!
    This one though, no idea. Maybe adjusting gear ratios in a racing sim like the original Gran Turismo?

      Not quite. This is from a strategy game.

        Haha. One day pretty warm the next super cold!
        I have absolutely no idea then.

          Give it a last shot ... think mechs.

            Not my speciality......I'm fairly sure it's not Total Annihilation so I'll try something like MechCommander?

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