Well done everyone: yesterday was indeed Winter Games. I played it on a 386, but I'm pretty sure Epyx's game was on the Commodore 64, the NES, Atari and/or Amiga, and a whole lot of other systems.

(Tigerion took home the gold, incidentally, followed by Talicca and Tael.) For the record, I always thought the C64 version was the best. The ski shooting in the biathlon was always good fun, but I could never get anything going with the figure skating.

Anyway, let's see how you handle today's game. Good luck!


    Paper Boy.

      @alexwalker: Thanks to you, I now have the sudden urge to see if my Lynx II still works so I can play that old game.


        Hey, someone's gotta get value out of it!

          Not saying it's a bad thing, mate.

          Though I will admit, the thing was sooooo greedy power wise, not even Doc Brown could build anything to keep it going for more than 45 minutes.


    Local boy delivers the paper: the video game. Involving local newspaper reporting about boy delivering said papers.

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