Lots of Last Ninja fans around, but jesder was the first. Not surprising: it was one of the C64's best games.

But can you guess today's game?

Good luck!


    That's annoyingly familiar. Heretic?

      Yeah I know I've seen it (well I'm pretty sure) but I can't place the name.

    Goddammit. I know this but can't think of what it's called.

      It'll turn out to be something like France '98...

    I'm in the camp of people who know they know this but can't remember what it is. I'm leaning toward an older adventure game.

    Going with Wonderboy but I'm pretty sure I'm wrong

    hmm gonna take a guess and say hexen and the chaos sphere

    Remember that old TV show, The Mysterious Cities of Gold? I used to love that as a kid. This picture has nothing to do with it I'm sure, but it reminded me of it.

      I recently got the DVDs. Haven't seen that cartoon in around 20 years so its next on my hit list when I'm done with TNG.

        Nice, I didn't think anyone would remember it. I do community management for a group of mostly 15-25 year olds so I'm kinda used to nobody remembering any of these older things - I had to explain to one of them who Rodney Dangerfield was at one point.

          As my posts attest to, I basically live for old cartoons.


          I had to explain to one of them who Rodney Dangerfield was at one point.

          If they are the future generation, we really are doomed!


          Jokes aside (and before I get too far off topic), I more recently got the 1980s Mighty Mouse cartoon - something I have not seen for at least 25 years (I last saw it at the home of my birth) so I've got a strong nostalgia trip waiting for me when TNG is done (if I can stop watching TOS).

            I did a run of Astro Boy while drinking with a friend recently, the episodes are all on Youtube. Great nostalgia trip.

              1980s or 1960s version? I've only seen the 1980s version.

                The 80s version, I've never seen the black and white one.

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