With Alex off ill, I finally get to unleash my artistic talents on Planet Kotaku. It also means I have no idea what yesterday’s ScribbleTaku answer was. He’s left us hanging.

I also, also broke the rules. I went with a sharpie and a blue post-it… Can you guess today’s game?

Good luck.


  • Duck Dodgers and the 23rd and a half Century?

    It honestly looks like the one of the pistols in that short.

    • This is a great trip down memory lane, but it was the 24th and 1/2 Century! Damn that’s some good Merrie Melodies.

      However, that is not the video game.

      • However, that is not the video game.

        Can’t blame me for trying.

        Both Mark Serrels and David Wildgoose used to prank us by showing scribbles and screenshots that weren’t games.

        One time (I’m sure it was Mark) he took a screen shot of a Kotaku article but someone still guessed it.


        • Haha. I went with a video game today, but if I get a second chance, well I am going off piste.

  • Shouldn’t the answers to these things be written on a whiteboard in the office somewhere? What if someone gets hit by a bus?

    • Zak, they could well be, sadly I am working from home today myself because my wisdom teeth are just sliding up through my gum line, so I can’t check. Alex will reveal all tomorrow!

      • I can fix them for you!

        [Removes Jackson’s wisdom teeth via a cork screw. Jackson being completely oblivious due to me supplying an Oculus Rift simulating the Bugs Bunny Show from back in the day.]


  • I typed “games where sci-fi pistols have christmas tree air fresheners sticking out of them” into Google but didn’t get anything helpful back in response.

  • That 50s style raygun is in tons of games, hard to pick which one exactly. I’ll go with Fallout.

  • I get the Marvin the Martian vibe as other’s have, so I’ll guess the game it makes me want to go back and play. Taz in Escape from Mars.

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