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Poor Alex is still under the weather so, much like Jackson, I have no idea what his last Scribbletaku was meant to be. My guess is "emotional rollercoaster".

As for my attempt, well... I'm looking at it thinking "they'll pick this one in seconds".

Then there's a part of me screaming "blimey, you should just snap all the pencils in the house in half, right now, before you do something like this again".

Joke's on me, though: you can still draw with half a pencil. It's like half a hole, or a dinosaur. Still super useful, even in chunks.


    Problem with snapping a pencil in half is that now you have two pencils... So if the goal is to get them out of your life so you cant use them, its a fail.

      I know. That's why I went with the bonfire plan instead.

        Sometimes the simple options are the best. Use HB's or H2's to teepee a bonfire, use all the shavings as tinder, and off you go.

    Is it kingdom hearts?

      It almost certainly is but I've reserved kh2 just in case

        Sorry, it's not KH2.

        Edit: It's none of the Kingdom Hearts games.

          Oddly specific to kh2, I think Jupiter might have this one

    Mystic Towers

    Alright, time for a hint: it's a turn-based, PC strategy game from the 90s.


      I couldn't pick it until the clue. I remember a friend got it, my god it was terrible considering Xcom/UFO and Master of Orion / Master of Magic came out around that same time.

        Well done! Wasn't sure anyone was going to get it.

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