Logan went with Ascendancy for Friday's game. Thursday's game, incidentally, was Hexen.

Good job Dirtyshado and Gemini, who got both the games respectively. I remember Ascendancy for being pretty famous back in the day for being largely bug-free, although I wonder if that's just because people didn't play the game enough. Everything has bugs somewhere.

Anyway, good luck today!


    Deus Ex

    Deus Ex

    Yup as above Deus Ex... such a recognisable logo!

    [Starts singing]

    Puuuut on a trench coat!

    And fiiiight some conspiracies!


      We made a sequel that no-one liked... 'cause we dumbed it down too much... 'coz we're thick...

        I initially thought that, too, but after you got into it, it turned out it was actually just the UI that was ‘consolified’ more than anything else. Outside of the initial tutorializing, Invisible War actually held up really well for providing the same if not better offering of smart angles of approach, non-lethal/talking your way through options. I think diehards put too much stock in the original’s skill system and the impact those numbers had on the options that ended up being available through nano mods anyway.
        Shorter doesn’t necessarily mean dumber either, it was just a tighter story doing a surprisingly good job with the corner they were painted into.

        It’s worth a revisit to give it a chance, now that PC power can make the real complaint (loading times) irrelevant. :)

          I remember really hating unified ammo as well as the UI, I believe if you used up your shotgun shells you also could no longer fire your pistol?

          I haven't played it since it came out so I could be remembering wrong.

    yup, going with the Juice Axe logo as well.

    Dammit I finally know one and see it way too late! That logo haunts my dreams.

      Also that opening refrain. :) Mmm, dat synth.

        Oh yeah.
        I still listen to the soundtrack on my commutes.
        Gotta say the DE:HR soundtrack is amazing as well. All those Vangelis Blade Runner style synths...

          Oh yeah, love me that Icarus theme. The brothel, nightclub, and boss fight themes were pretty kickass too.

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