SNK Announces The Neo Geo Mini, Will Play 40 Games

Image: SNK

Previously hinted at, the Neo Geo Mini is now official. It's the latest retro hardware to get miniaturised.

Image: SNK

The Neo Geo Mini is based on the Neo Geo MVS arcade machine and will come in two versions: A Japanese one for Asia and an international version for North America, Europe and beyond.

Image: SNK

Above is the Japanese version and below is the international Neo Geo Mini.

Image: SNK

Image: SNK

Featuring a 3.5-inch LCD screen, the Neo Geo Mini comes pre-loaded with 40 games, some of which you can see in the above images. It has an HDMI port for those who want to see it on a bigger screen as well as a headphone jacks and two external controller ports.

No word yet about a release date, a list of titles, or pricing.


    I don't care if the details are scarce. Shut up and take my money.

    This looks cool...I kinda wish they did a mini version of the AES console rather than a mini arcade cabinet though...mostly because I just finished building my own bartop arcade cabinet that's set up to play SNK games lol...

      Did you design your own cabinet or get a pre cut? And did you go emulated or the real deal?

        Got it pre cut but I customised it once I had it. It's emulated, running off a Raspberry Pi.

          I got mine as a flat pack kit with button and other cut outs to my spec.
          Got a MV1B board off eBay and fixed it up.

        I have a laser cutter at my disposal for the next month, if anyone wants anything cut,let me know!

    Neo Geo is always better with someone else, this comes off as a gimmick, whereas a mini AES console with two full sized replicas of the old arcade sticks would be GOLD!

      Theres two controller ports.

        Yeah but look at it, the default controller is ergonomically garbage.

      And a HDMI output. This could act as a Rasperry Pi style micro PC that just acts as the hub, with proper TV play and controllers being there if you want. Or, a slightly chunky mobile option.

      That seems more gimmicky to me, though necessary, given the original source product.

    This makes me want to ejaculate money all over SNK.
    Now, Capcom: You need to do one of these. You’ve got all these epic titles like Red Earth and Cyberbots doing nothing. Let them make money for you! Release a mini arcade like SNK.

      I would love to see capcom do something. The neogeo down fall is there are essentially 3 types of games and then every game is a clone of one of those 3.

        Yeah, SNK didn’t steer out of their lane very often, but when they didn’t it was amazing. I still think Blazing Star is an exceptional shmup, and until the year got to the 3D background stage, Metal Slug as a series remains the pinnacle of the run ‘n’ gun genre.

    It has an HDMI port for those who want to see it on a bigger screenThank god. Three and a half inches is far too small.
    (said the actress to the bishop)

    Reminds me of the JP/US differences in SNES.

    I'd totally go the Japanese one instead.

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