SNK Announces The Neo Geo Mini, Will Play 40 Games

SNK Announces The Neo Geo Mini, Will Play 40 Games

Image: SNK

Previously hinted at, the Neo Geo Mini is now official. It’s the latest retro hardware to get miniaturised.

Image: SNK

The Neo Geo Mini is based on the Neo Geo MVS arcade machine and will come in two versions: A Japanese one for Asia and an international version for North America, Europe and beyond.

Image: SNK

Above is the Japanese version and below is the international Neo Geo Mini.

Image: SNK

Image: SNK

Featuring a 3.5-inch LCD screen, the Neo Geo Mini comes pre-loaded with 40 games, some of which you can see in the above images. It has an HDMI port for those who want to see it on a bigger screen as well as a headphone jacks and two external controller ports.

No word yet about a release date, a list of titles, or pricing.


  • This looks cool…I kinda wish they did a mini version of the AES console rather than a mini arcade cabinet though…mostly because I just finished building my own bartop arcade cabinet that’s set up to play SNK games lol…

  • Neo Geo is always better with someone else, this comes off as a gimmick, whereas a mini AES console with two full sized replicas of the old arcade sticks would be GOLD!

    • And a HDMI output. This could act as a Rasperry Pi style micro PC that just acts as the hub, with proper TV play and controllers being there if you want. Or, a slightly chunky mobile option.

      That seems more gimmicky to me, though necessary, given the original source product.

  • This makes me want to ejaculate money all over SNK.
    Now, Capcom: You need to do one of these. You’ve got all these epic titles like Red Earth and Cyberbots doing nothing. Let them make money for you! Release a mini arcade like SNK.

    • I would love to see capcom do something. The neogeo down fall is there are essentially 3 types of games and then every game is a clone of one of those 3.

      • Yeah, SNK didn’t steer out of their lane very often, but when they didn’t it was amazing. I still think Blazing Star is an exceptional shmup, and until the year got to the 3D background stage, Metal Slug as a series remains the pinnacle of the run ‘n’ gun genre.

  • It has an HDMI port for those who want to see it on a bigger screenThank god. Three and a half inches is far too small.
    (said the actress to the bishop)

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