Some Of Vine’s Most Famous Videos, Recreated In Fortnite

Some Of Vine’s Most Famous Videos, Recreated In Fortnite

One intrepid Fortnite player combined the game with the greatest lost artform of our generation: Vines. It’s a masterpiece.

It was really only a matter of time until Vine and Fortnite came together. Vines as a platform hosted often hilarious and irreverent six second videos, and although the platform closed in January 2017, these jokes still live on. Some of the best emotes for Fortnite come from jokes that were popularised through Vines, like the Best Mates dance emote, which comes from a skit by comedian Marlon Webb:

Reddit user Yinka_a took it upon themself to recreate some classic Vines in Fortnite. It’s currently the top thread in the Fortnite subreddit, and other players are losing it over this video.

Given that they’re just recording the gameplay footage on their Playstation 4 and editing it together with Final Cut Pro X, I’m pretty impressed:

Some of these are only funny if you’ve got a mind that’s been addled by the Internet like I do, so here are the Vines that Yinka_a is referencing:

Anthony Papadilla, “Chillin’ In The Hot Tub”

Renata Bliss Dancing

Why Are You Running

Lilianna, “Hi OK”

Anthony Kennard, “You’re Disrespecting A Future US Army Solider”

FNAFboy, “I Still Love Myself”

Kid In Elevator Dancing

I Could’ve Dropped My Croissant

Matt Sukkar, “Roommates”

In the Reddit thread Yinka_a says they’re working on another video of Vines remade in Fortnite, so throw in your suggestions if you have them. I can only hope he decides to do my favourite Vine of all time:


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