Sony Wants Someone To 'Train' An Android For A Day

Image: Quantic Dream

As part of a promo stunt for Detroit: Become Human next week, Sony Australia are doing something a bit unusual - they're looking to hire someone to "help test the latest in CyberLife Android technology".

The general idea is that Sony is looking for someone on May 21 to "be part of a social experiment involving a CyberLife Android". The general premise is that you'll help 'train' this robot over the course of a day, showing it basic tasks like walking the dog.

Sony has posted the job listing on Airtasker, and they're looking for people who will be available for a day in Sydney next Monday. The basic outline is below:

Your role on the day will include: • Teaching our android to perform basic tasks correctly • Minding our android whilst they integrate with society • Troubleshooting android responses to simple instructions • Recording the reactions of members of the public on meeting our android

So, if you’re a forward-thinking and tech-savvy Australian resident, that is interested in participating in an amazing social experiment, then we’d love for you to let us know why you’d be the right person for the task!

The budget for the task is set at $500, and while Sydneysiders have the best chance people from out of state will be considered.

The listing does note that the user will be recorded on the day, so it's likely we'll all see the footage when Detroit drops next week. Still, if you're free on Monday and this sounds like fun, head over to the Airtasker listing.


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