Soulcalibur VI Player Accidentally Goes For A Swim

Soulcalibur VI Player Accidentally Goes For A Swim

GIF: Texas Showdown 2018 (Twitch)

That’s one way to wake up, I guess.

An exhibition was held at Texas Showdown last night for the unreleased Soulcalibur VI. As an unreleased game, that might explain why one move didn’t go exactly as planned.

It happens to the best of us. Party Wolf went on to win the exhibition in the next round, with only that one blemish on his 3-0 victory.


  • Looks like it’ll be great but the health pools seem so low so the fights are over way too quick

    • They might have it tweaked for comp but it doesn’t look too bad otherwise.

      I’m just keen to get my hands on Mitsurugi once more!!

        • “Bring out the gimp!”
          He often got banned in our play group just because of how uncomfortable he all made us

    • Soul Calibur has always worked that way. You’re getting chopped by a giant sword, of course that’s gonna take out more health than just being punched or kicked.

      Having said that I don’t know why this particular incident was newsworthy, you’ve been able to accidentally ring yourself out and SD in every Soul Calibur game – he’s not the first to do it and won’t be the last.

      • I guess because it’s “pro” level and stuff like this doesn’t happen often

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