Square Enix Will Hold An E3 Conference This Year

Square Enix Will Hold An E3 Conference This Year

After skipping 2016 and 2017, Square Enix is again holding its own press conference this year, the publisher said late yesterday. Is it time for Final Fantasy 16?

Square’s presser will take place on Tuesday morning at 3AM AEST, just before Ubisoft’s at 6AM AEST. It’s safe to say we’ll see Kingdom Hearts 3, Shadow of the Tomb Raider, and Dragon Quest 11, but what other surprises do they have in the works? Will we get our first peek at the new Avengers game? More info on the Final Fantasy 7 remake? PC ports of Final Fantasy 5 and 6 that don’t look like garbage? Stay tuned.


  • So Kingdom Hearts 3 Release date, with a new world announcement (or maybe finally showing off the Big Hero 6 world) would be great.

    I assume Shadow of the Tomb Raider will appear, the Ardyn or Lunafreya DLC for FFXV, the release date of the Standalone FFXV Comrades with a big update. Might finally see that Avengers game being made by Crystal Dynamics.

    Considering the news that the FF7 remake ditched the old devs and moved in-house, i think if we get news it’ll be another cinematic trailer with like 10 seconds of gameplay.

    other then that i’m not sure, but to have a guess, FF XIII trilogy collection for PS4, Some sort of final fantasy spin-off game (bonus points if it’s a sequel to Type-0).

    more unlikely but not totally out of question, we see some news about a new Drakengard/Nier game, and we get news of a Final Fantasy VI remake for the switch or something.

  • The next xpac for FF14 is apparently a reasonable distance through design and development so perhaps information about new classes and overall story direction on that front would be cool.

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