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    rant about Windows 10

    I feel like there's something @alexwalker needs to get off his chest...

    Also, the new God of War is I'm very ready for it to be over now. Small side areas are like whole temples in other games! As much as I really like it, it is a bit too similar to Uncharted for my liking. That may sound weird but the core is the same - combat, climbing and puzzles. The combat is excellent though!

      I mean, we can rant about Windows Vista if you like. What a titanic piece of shit that OS was.

      Probably still better than ME, though.

        I had a laptop that came with Vista - wiped it and put Windows 7 on it as soon as I could. I remember being so excited for "longhorn" but what a disappointment...

        I had ME and never had a single issue with it. Main reason I had it was that it had internet sharing built in, which solved a few annoying issues at the time.

        As for Vista, don't sell it short. On launch it was a dogs breakfast, but don't forget that Windows 7 was pretty much based on Vista, and really just patched a few of the more annoying things out of existence. Vista was just too cursed a name by then.

        Win 8 and 10 had a similar relationship.

          I never had problems with Vista myself. As long as you had a minimum of 4Gb of ram, it was actually not too bad. Any less than that and it ran like a dog though

            Turning off the aero desktop helped as well.

              Never had any issues with it on my pc, but certainly on less powerful ones it did :)

    What happend to good indie horror games?
    I binged through heaps 2 or 3 years back (Though not all were new so I was catching up as well) but I haven't been able to find top many lately.
    Genuine new ideas, new inspiration not the 12th different version of five nights or things like that.

      Try OK/Normal on itchio. Definitely out there

        I had a fun time playing through the first section of _observer. Really need to go back and finish that.

          I loved observer, the only downside to me was
          there's 2 different endings based on am end game decision and I don't think it would be the same playing through again.

      What did you enjoy? If we know that, we might be able to offer like minded suggestions

        I have played soo many, standouts would include; SOMA, layers of fear, The Park, cry of Fear, Vanishing of ethan carter, shutter, outlast1/2, The solus project. Not all are horror horror, but also good moody atmospheric. There are dozens upon dozens in my library.
        I at times don't like giving out too much about what games I have enjoyed as then it narrows down recommendations to more of the same at times.

          -Got a friend to play with? I enjoyed We were here. it's co-op puzzler with horror themes.
          -DreadOut is a korean Indie game inspired by Project Zero/Fatal frame.
          -The Letter is a fantastic Horror based Visual Novel where all the Main characters can perish. It is made by a small Philippine indie company that uses Kickstarter to fund their games.
          -The Eyes of Ara is similar to Myst with a supernatural theme.It's made by an Australian Indie company and has been at the last two Pax Aus indie showcases.
          -The Room 1 and 2 are 3D puzzlers. It has a steampunk/supernatural type theme. Very atmospheric I found.
          -Dusk is an old school type doom clone except you are a Vampire hunter. It was on the Indie Showcase at Pax Aus last year. Can't say much else as it made me too unwell watching it.
          -Detention. I've heard good things about it and it's on my "to get" list.
          -Yomawari is another one I've heard good things about.
          -Dagonranpa and Zero escape, even though they are both made by actual game companies as opposed to indies.
          -Oxenfree is really good too.

          It's not a massive list, but I hope it helps somewhat. If you have a PS2, there was a lot of experimental horror games on that. Rule of Rose, Haunting Grounds, Clock tower 3, Forbidden siren.

            Thanks for the list, I've done most of them though i am a fan of the room, oxen free looks pretty interesting.

              Oh Sorry. Was just trying to think of horror stuff that I had heard good recommendations or that I had played myself.

          I don't know if this counts but have you tried Stories Untold?

          While in the horror genre, it's more atmospheric and tense than scary.

          The other that comes to mind is Bendy and the Ink Machine but I think that has gone from being scary to an adventure game now.

            I love atmospheric. It can't be tense and scary of you're not drawn in to it. I watched a trailer and read some reviews. Looks good, thanks.

      What happend to good indie horror games?

      PewDiePie happened, Or youtubers in general

      Indie devs figured out that its much more profitable to make a low effort horror game for Youtube personalities to play rather than make a good horror game.

    I've been kinda put off from Far Cry since 3. It's not a bad game but it's focus shifted from what it originally was to a sandbox game full of collectables. I enjoyed Blood Dragon but skipped out on 4 and 5.

    Primal on the other hand seemed much more up my alley. Although I could feel the collectathon, so I decided to skip it. Then they announced Survival difficulty and that peaked my interest. I picked it up cheap during a sale and kept it around for over a year. Decided to finally get into it.

    Survival mode was kinda disappointing. It didn't really make the game more challenging, it just made it more annoying. First problem is it locked off some abilities you can purchase that had no real reason to be locked off. Removing the owl attacks doesn't really change anything, all it does is it forces me to start again to get the one trophy that Survival locks off to the player (get 15 kills with the Owl).

    It also locks off two health upgrades. The one health upgrade that remains doesn't change the game at all, at least on hard mode. Pretty much all attacks are still one-shot. Primal does this interesting thing where your health has a threshold. The final point of health absorbs the remaining damage and leaves you in a state where one more damage point will finally kill you, giving you a chance to run and heal up. But on hard most attacks just takes away all health, so you're essentially on a two-hit system. This also makes any enemies wielding fire weapons a one-shot kill. Because their initial attack breaks your health, staggers you and sets you on fire, which immediately does a point of damage and kills you.

    This system also makes melee combat a pain. They didn't make a melee system, it's hit and be hit. No blocking, countering or dodging. You either kill the enemy, or lose your health. Which means you have to rely on ranged attacks too much. Which is funny since it is a Far Cry game and that's to be expected, but even with no guns you're still relying on ranged combat. At least throwing spears is really fun. Since no weapons are hit scan you actually need to lead your shots or take gravity into account. Funny, the one Far Cry game with no guns has the best shooting mechanics.

    The survival elements also become reduced once you start leveling up or crafting items. The majority of upgrades or crafting just makes the game easier. It's at its best near the start where 1 piece of wood equals 1 crafted arrow, but by the end you're getting 3 arrows for 1 piece of wood. You also get an upgrade where you find double the amount of wood for each tree you strip. So I end up just spamming a lot of shots because I have too much resources.

    Survival means your animal companions are permanently lost when they die. But it just makes the game more annoying to go have to tame the animal again. As the game goes on an on and ended up using them less and less. By then I've crafted so many items that I don't need them. I never used the legendary animals you tame because, what if they die? I can't get them back. Can't risk losing them, better let them sit on the bench.

    Can't fast travel far because you don't have the stamina. So you fast travel somewhere between, sleep, then finish fast traveling. Again, not really a survival element when I'm just doing three loading screens to make up for it.

    Similar to the Arkham games, you spend too much time in hunter vision. Because it's too good to not use, might as well be a toggle. Although there's no colouring indication between allies and enemies, so you can easily spear a friendly villager. Enemy variety is decent but their designs are too similar, so you gotta rely too heavily on tagging to know what each enemy can do.

    Story's a little weird. The aim is to kill the other two tribes leaders, because they're dicks? Not really sure, your character barely has a reason to hate them. It would be better if they killed your 'wife' and kid. Yeah it's a bit cliche and would make Anita angry, but at least it's something. Your true enemy is a tiger that you can tame later. Doesn't really have an impact. Same thing with beating the two tribes, you get a cutscene of everybody saying good job and then the credits roll.

    One funny thing I did notice is that your character gets ambushed way too many times in cutscenes. It ends up becoming funny because I know you're gonna get jumped by someone behind you that frankly you couldn't of missed. Hell, one character literally appears out of nowhere in the middle of a camp that you had just finished massacring.

    So it's not really a bad game, but it is a 'clean the map' kind of game.

    Still waiting on my BFA Beta invite from Blizzard. I know you love me Blizzard.

      I'd share mine if I could, I've been in since alpha but haven't had time lately to play.

    Playing through Battletech has me seriously wanting MW5, so to settle my needs I reinstalled MW4m with mekpak and I forgot just how many choices the mod gave you.

    Is anyone else keen on the destiny 2 Warmind DLC!?

    I'm trying to finish off Far Cry 5 before next Wednesday when the DLC goes live.

      I'm closer to the "cautiously optimistic" end of the spectrum. I know they're not going to solve my main gripes with the game for another 3-6 months, but what they've shown thus far indicates they're at least moving in a promising direction.

      And I'm a huge fan of the lore surrounding the Warminds and the Hive, so I've been sucked in by all the little lore scraps they've been releasing over the past week, so I'm mostly just hoping for more of those stories.

      Destiny 2 is in the humble monthly next month so I'll be checking it out then. Will need to see how I go with the base game before I look at DLC

    Got the Windows update and already found out how to get rid of that stupid "3d objects" library folder.

    So I finally got around to seeing Logan on the weekend and Wow.
    That is an incredible film.
    I have a feeling I will be processing that for days

      I am not a super hero person at all but the GF dragged me off to see it and I loved it as well.
      It's a genuinely well written well made movie.

    Kotaku machine broke. It was fine yesterday, but now all the content is just blocked out like that and doesn't seem to load. Thankfully article pages still work. Is there some kind of script I can block or something to stop it doing this?

      Done it to me twice on my phone in a week, clearing cache and cookies fixes it.

    I'm slowly working through my backlog of games on the Xbox and I am currently playing through Fallout 4.

    I've been starting to set up a supply chain between all my known settlements. While working in a settlement, I exited my almost fully upgraded power armour to make a few upgrades. Upon returning to the spot I left my power armour, I found it had disappeared. Hmm, I assumed this was a game glitch and hoped it would just reappear if I returned later.

    Heading off to another settlement to do some work, I walk in to discover my shiny power armour. It had been stolen by a passing Caravan guard in the previous settlement! Kudos caravan guard, kudos!!

      Unless you remove the fusion cell? I forget it's exact name. Random people will take it. Once you do though it's locked up and no one touches it.

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