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    So fun thing to kick the week off: Tegan asked me to marry her on the weekend, and I said yes!

      Massive congratulations guys

        Congrats guys, I love it that she asked you!

        That being said, I got asked to get married by a former girlfriend... I then proceeded to jump on a plane and run away overseas! Good thing I did too, because if I didn't, I wouldn't have ended up marrying my wife & today is our 10 year wedding anniversary.

      I had some decent gyoza. I guess your thing is better.

      Seriously though, major congrats. You two are rad people. Oh and TAYbies give the best wedding presents. You should definitely keep that in mind.

      [Holds up a large Guinness]



        White spirits only in our house, sir.


          [Pours bleach into Guinness to turn it white and resumes drinking.]

      So what I'm hearing is "Pax meet and engagement celebration party"

        The second anyone mentions engagement the price of everything literally triples, it's frightening

          I think weddings are worse. Everything just costs through the nose.

          Not that I would know =P

          When we got married my father in law offered us $10k to elope.

          It would have been the smart option in hindsight.

      Belated congrats! (Not been reading Kotaku on a machine I could log in on!)

    So caught on Eurovision last night, I guess I should spoiler this just in case
    Was really happy that Netta won, although by that stage I was just hoping that it would be anybody except Sweden. Was some really good acts this year, the best of the ones that didn't make the grand final I think was Malta. Good range of different styles which is always good. Was dissappointed in the Australian judges, I mean what the hell was those votes. Just saw that the head of the jury was from the Today show so because a bit clearer.
    Was suprised by the low votes for Italy, I thought that was an amazing song, deserving of a much higher position

    Challenge to Everyone.

    Post your first comment on Kotaku and the Title of the article it was on.

    "95% operational for consoles maybe, as for PC gamers 0%"
    Call Of Duty Elite Is 95% Operational, Mobile Versions Inbound

      F.E.A.R. 3 Delayed A.G.A.I.N.
      Apr 28, 2011, 12:30pm
      In mother russia "." innovates you...

      I am super confused

      No thanks.

      Like a new FNaF game, some things are best forgotten.


      Was a reader review for MTG: Duels of the Planeswalkers. Back in 2010. Does that count?

      Dragon Age: Inquisition. Picked up the DLC's when on sale a few weeks back, have finished Jaws of Hakkon & The Descent, just have Trespasser to go. I've been quite impressed so far, hoping Trespasser is a fitting end.

      What Are You Playing This Weekend?

      Community Review: ICO And Shadow of the Colossus Collection

      I have them both on PS2 and finished them both. Tried playing SotC on my fat PS3 'cause I thought the increased grunt might assist the framerates, despigt the software emulation. It crashed a lot. So I'm really looking forward to the HD rerelease. It's somewhere between the UK and here... I think the comment above about the whole being greater than the sum of the parts is spot on. No individual element of either game was totally original, nor even the best of its type. But everything came together so well for me, and the games were emotionally captivating.

      Oddly topical, as I have SotC on THREE Playstations now... :D

      Last edited 18/05/18 1:33 am

    Why is roll20 such a pain in the butt? I have had success with friends, but finding a group with randos is really painful.

    Good news to all who tried to help me find a new game last time around. I didn't realise I had the Talos project. I must have bought it on sale a while back and I am more than hooked on it.

      Think I still have that on my wishlist somewhere

    I want to talk about sticky labels. Specificallly the type that do not peel off without leaving half the label behind or a horrible sticky residue. Why peopele? Whhhhhhy?

    I posted this on twitter, but I feel like everyone needs to see my dog and his new bandana.

      Tasteful and relatively stylish. Definitely beats my step mum's dog. It showed up yesterday in a leopard print coat.

        Oh, Sid is very stylish. He has two coats (Park coat and shopping centre coat), green shoes, 4 bandanas and a bow tie.

          Yoko has literally hundreds of costumes. Today it's a camo pattern coat.

            I'm guessing Yoko is a small dog?

              A small, fluffy little dog.

                Of course. Sid doesn't really need clothes. The park coat is to stop him from getting wet underneath. He only wear it if it is, or has been, raining. His highpoint jacket has no underside and is more about keeping him warm and dry on top when he goes round to the garden beds.
                His shoes are only for slippery surfaces because he struggled with them when he hurt his cruciates.
                The bandanas are just a nice touch. =P

    Well after several months of unemployment I've been contracting for a few weeks and have a little discretionary cash again.

    Me: Oh, PAX tickets are on sale.
    Mrs Trike: Aren't they cheaper if you buy them early?
    Me: Yup. Only $20.
    Mrs Trike: Well you're going anyway so you might as well get the pass now...

    She knows me well... :D


    How do you guys feel about RAGE 2?

    My first reaction (to the announcement trailer thingy) was "what the....hell....?!"

    Now I'm thinking it has potential to be a lot of fun.

      I suppose I'd need to actually finish the first one, first. Which might not be a terrible idea.

        One of the taybies is doing that at the moment and really enjoying it. SO if you have it you might enjoying more than expected
        I think part of the issue with Rage was the marketing, they spent so much time talking about the tech behind the game and too little on the actual game.

          I started it back when it came out, but didn't get very far in. I think at the time there were other games demanding my attention and I never ended up going back. It's not that I think it's a bad game, I don't really have any thoughts on it at all as I didn't play it enough.

          The catch, of course, is finding time to play it again. I'll try to squeeze it in.

    Well I played a bit of Destiny 2 on the weekend and after a bit of research decided it is the worst game ever. What sort of MMO doesn't give you the option to do character customisation in game. Just wanted to check it out and had some Tiglet free time so found a pre-gen character that looked ok and figured I would update later. But no, can't do that in the worst game ever.
    Put a few solid hours into it and will play a bit more. Will need to play a more before deciding if I want DLC or not.
    Will need to get some taybies online to see the server stuff works properly because I haven't seen anything like an oceanic server when logging in so who knows. Will just have to add or search for the clan when I'm online. Anybody going to be online tonight?
    Gameplay wise it has a very nice feel to the weapons, the upgrade tree isn't very clear and I have no idea if I am wasting character points.
    I managed to get to level 10 with my warlock and after all that time I finally got my power level to be the same as my Titan that I haven't played at all.

    A lot of the stuff isn't very clear in game, like the reputation and token stuff. Seems like you need to do a bunch of wiki research rather than just work it out in game.

    Also is crucible level/power limited. Is there any point in going in at low levels or are you just fodder at that stage.

      Don't worry about wasting ability points beyond the short-term - you can get enough to unlock everything through the campaign and adventures.

      The reputation/vendor stuff isn't particularly relevant until after you hit level 20 and start looking for purples or specific items... Their green items can be useful while you're levelling if they have a weapon or armour piece for a slot that's particularly lagging behind the rest, but generally loot's sufficiently plentiful that you can rely on drops until you hit 20.

      And crucible is (in theory) equalised in terms of level; however higher/maxed characters will have access to an extra subclass and a wider/different range of weapons. It's supposedly a decent alternative to PvE for XP and drops, but I can't speak from experience - I generally just play PvE, and find public events to be perfectly fine for XP farming when I need it.

        Ok so can basically just select whatever upgrade looks interesting and try them out. Although do I need to focus on a single subclass or do you get enough to max out both?

        Maybe I'll give the crucible a try, I haven't really done much except for the main missions so far. I've basically just unlocked Io but haven't gone their yet. Not sure if I should grind up to the recommended power before I go there.

          You get enough to unlock everything in your subclasses. Some of the tree nodes synergise with each other (eg. voidwalker top tree has a node that lets you supercharge your grenades, and another node that lets you have your grenade available more often by punching stuff, and a third node that makes enemies explode when killed with any of your abilities), so I tend to focus on one tree to start with and use that until I can unlock the rest, but it's up to you what order you do things in.

          It's designed so that at endgame you can freely swap between subclasses, grenade types, jump types, class abilities, and subclass trees as easily as you change your weapons, to suit the activity or personal preference.

          The missions on Io are around your level (~120 power level, iirc), so you should be fine; but you'll hit a level 15 requirement in a couple of missions, so you'll have to do some side activities - crucible, public events, adventures - at some point between now and then anyway. No harm in getting a bit of a head start... and I remember Io's patrol being a bit rough when I first got there.

      On most nights, but... what platform?

      If you happen to be on PS4 there's TAYbies on and I'm happy to shoot the breeze in party chat while we shoot the faces off Fallen... I don't know about the PC side. But it's definitely better with friends.

        Also there's enough of us in the Kotaku AU clan that you'll get free gear drops pretty regularly thanks to stuff other people are doing. Worth joining. Almost 100 members...

        I'm on PC and think there is around a dozen or so that play.
        Any PC players know A) What the tay/kotaku clan is on PC and B) How do I find and join that

          The Kotaku clan is here. The clan benefits are cross-platform (clan will rank up each season from all active members across all platforms), and I believe the weekly clan rewards for raids/nightfall/crucible are cross-platform too (eg. if the clan finishes a nightfall on PS4, I'm pretty sure you'll get a free engram from Hawthorne on PC).

            Bah, maximum number of people has been reached. I'll have to catch @rize or @cakesmith online and get them to take somebody out behind the chemical shed

              They can probably kick a couple of people who haven't played since Destiny the first...

              Well it let me join, Now I'll just wait for approval

    So according to non profit American consumer report, the Tesla model 3 has a worse breaking distance than a Ford F150.
    152feet from 60mph compared to the F trucks 145ft.

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