Team Sonic Racing Appears For The Switch, Courtesy Of Walmart

Team Sonic Racing Appears For The Switch, Courtesy Of Walmart

Let the pre-E3 leaks begin.

It’s customary for pre-E3 announcements to start dropping, well, ahead of the place where companies are supposed to make all of the announcements. And this year, it seems like Walmart might be a good bet for getting some of those drops.

An online listing for Team Sonic Racing appeared for the Switch on the Walmart site, showing some box art and a few screenshots:

The description notes that races will support 12 players, 4 player splitscreen, 14 defensive and offensive items, performance and skin customisations, 15 playable characters from the Sonic lineup and three character types split into Power, Speed and Technique.

Not long after the initial leak, SEGA officially revealed a short teaser, which you can see below:


  • Speed, Power and Technique aye?

    is this the closest i’m going to get to a new Sonic Riders game?

  • Fasten your seatbelts folks I’m so getting into some more Sonic Racing action when Team Sonic Racing zooms on to the Nintendo Switch later this year. Thank you so much SEGA and Sumo Digital for showing me that reveal trailer. Because Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed on the Wii U was a complete nightmare for me when it froze on me forcing me to unplug the Wii U and plug the Wii U back in but not anymore I’m happy that another Sonic Racing game is coming to Nintendo Switch later this year as part of the Nintendo Switch’s one year anniversary.

  • Tell you what….I love my switch but the Nintendo tax or whatever it is has got to stop. I seen the street fighter anniversary on Xbone for 55 and 80 on switch, on the online stores. Songbringer…30 bucks??? I love me some indie games..been hammering darkest dungeon for ages now, but yeh I paid bloody 30 for it ffs.
    That’s not an indie price mate, it’s just not. I’d be buying so many more games from the store if they were just priced a little more reasonably.

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