Tell Us About The Best Wedding You've Ever Attended

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So, bit of news for those who missed TAY earlier this week: Tegan and I have gotten engaged. And naturally, we've both been thinking about what comes next - and that makes for a perfect Off Topic this week.

Put simply: what's the best wedding you've ever gone to?

I've gone to several, and most of them have been similar since there wasn't a great deal of cultural or tradition involved. But there are two weddings that stick out in my mind, not because they were nicer or sweeter, but because they were functionally a little bit different.

One was up on a homestead, on a relatively cold day, in Canberra. The couple were good with their hands - both had gone through Cubs, Scouts, Venturers - and so they wanted something that was a little more homely, something that brought people together a bit more than a traditional procession would.

So the groom got an axe, cut a whole bunch of wood. The wood was then fashioned into circular logs that were varnished, which became makeshift tables that were laid out across the lawn (with lovely blankets for everyone to rest on). Every blanket was also fashioned with a homemade picnic basket, with scones, biscuits, chutneys and other tidbits.

Another wedding that comes to mind is my brother's, as it was split into two receptions. My sister-in-law is Russian, so there was a separate reception that in Melbourne where more of her side of the family was able to attend. That was fascinating just because the procedure and style was so different to any wedding I'd attended prior.

It was also the most brutal: the standing policy is that each of the host families will go around the table and have a drink with each of the tables at the wedding venue. But the groomsman and bride don't leave the head of the table. My mum and dad also don't drink. So I had the glorious job of wandering around doing shots of Absolut on behalf of my entire family while people kept telling me to have some bread with olive oil before my liver collapsed.

Thanks, fam.

But what's the best wedding you've attended, or what moments from weddings stand out to you? And did you go to any weddings where the normal orthodoxy was turned on its head?


    Congratulations, Alex!

    I've been to a few weddings, but nothing particularly non-standard. My best friend's wedding had me sit next to someone I loathe, so that was fun.

    I've only been to two weddings. One was my own.
    My wedding was fairly unorthodox within itself.
    We could only take 20 people to the Embassy (Same Sex Marriage pre last years law change) to do the wedding so we took Really close friends and family to that, and had it videoed by a friend to show at the Reception later that day.

    The reception was in a restaurant (Because only 60 people) and we got that cheap because we did it on a monday (but the tuesday was australia day) And that was pretty much it. they had a dancing space upstairs and the restaurant downstairs.

    And once again CONGRATULATIONS!!!

      Oh I completely forgot. We had a Male Pole dancer as entertainment, because why not surprise the audience :P

    Many congrats!
    Have been to a few amazing weddings
    My favourites have always been the ones with casual receptions (no sit down dinners where you have to make polite convo with awful strangers)
    At my own wedding I walked down the "aisle" (it was at a maze in a garden) to the Imperial March, that was fun

    The best wedding I've been to was actually an engagement party in a friends backyard. Halfway through the night a celebrant rocked up and they got married then and there.

    Another that stands out was a BBQ where the hosts announced that they'd got married at the registry office that morning and invited everyone to celebrate with them.

    Firstly, congratulations!
    Wedding's are a great excuse for a massive part with friends.
    And you get presents! What more could you want. :)
    Of course the best wedding I have been too is my own. But that goes without saying.
    Second best would be my cousin-in-law.
    Formalities were at the registry with a few family members.
    But then they had a hand-fasting at the botanical gardens where everyone was dressed up as fairies / nymphs / satyrs etc. That was spectacular.
    We got some interesting looks on public transport on the way there.
    The Asian tourists loved us.
    And my brother-in-laws was great too.
    We went down for his engagement. Half way through the night they announced it was their wedding. The celebrant had been pretending to be wait staff.
    A quick costume change and they got married then and there.
    But all other weddings I have been too have been pretty standard.
    We loved having a live band at ours. It really added to the atmosphere. And lots of fun was had. So I can recommend that.
    Also make sure you taste test the food and you cater for all dietary requirements,
    A necessity in this day and age.
    Although it was funny because we realised that one of my cousin-in-laws was pregnant from what she listed on her dietary requirements. :)

    Approximately an hour before the ceremony began the Groom, the Best Man (me) and the rest of the groomsmen went down to the site - a gazebo in the park - to take care of any last minute problems. As it turns out there was one...


    Actual goddamn ninjas in the gazebo. Dressed in black and armed with various weapons, nobody had accounted for, or mentioned to, the ninja martial arts school that practiced in the gazebo and the grounds each Saturday afternoon that there was a wedding scheduled today.

    So there were the groomsmen dressed in Tombstone-inspired tuxedos and ninja in gi and tabi boots looking across the park at each other in stark confusion. As Best Man, I got volunteered to discuss terms for claiming the gazebo.

    Fortunately, these were the polite kind of armed ninjas who were kind enough to not only to disappear as per their namesake but were willing to hang around for photos once the ceremony was done.

    Ninjas make everything better.


    My favourite wedding is of course my own wedding, lol. We didn't do anything fancy but it was special for us.

    Going to my best mate's Greek wedding was...something else. And huge.

    I have quite a few but this is one i still tell.I catered for an Irish couple,whos warring families travelled from the home country for this reconcilliation event.Before service,I was asked to help the best man find the maid of honour (whom were married at the same venue the previous week) for speeches.We found her in a storeroom being shagged by the events co-ordinator.A fight broke out.During speeches,the very drunk groom profoundly thanked the brides parents for travelling to Oz,and also teaching her to give the best head he'd ever received.He then passed out and smashed his head onto the dining table.This provoked a brawl and the bride storming off.Mains were served.Before dessert,the bar tab ran out for the third time,with both fathers insisting loudly they would cover it.Cue a fight.Wedding ended.I arrive the next morning to police cars and ambulances everywhere.The families had fought all night,the grooms mates had crapped in the pool,both spa's were busted,and someone had a baby in one of the suites.The families paid seperately and The bride and groom left in seperate cars.Last I heard of it.

    I worked in weddings for 4 years but the best one was my own. Tradition went out the window.
    Had it at a Swan Valley winery. We had plants vs zombies around the aisles, the guest tables had videogame and comic book themed centrepieces. One table of friends dressed in full steampunk. Our wedding cake had Atlas and Pbody from portal 2 made in lego on top, with portal coloured iced cupcakes.
    We had a swordfight on the dancefloor, yelling monkey island insults at each other and once the crowd thinned out a bit we had Mariokart 64 set up to play.
    Fantastic night.

    It’s 2am, I’ve done my back and I’ve just popped an Endone, but your news gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling to prefix the drug-induced one. What wonderful news, Alex and Tegan ... a hearty congratulations!

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