The Internet Reacts To Celebrities Wearing JRPG Outfits At The Met Gala

Yesterday was the annual Met Gala, where celebrities go to have a very expensive dress-up party. This year's theme inspired a lot of the guests to dress like your next Dungeons & Dragons character.

Photo: Charles Sykes/Invision/AP (Invision)

Yesterday's theme was "Heavenly Bodies and The Catholic Imagination", and like every year, a lot of people whiffed it. Michael B. Jordan, you can't just throw a cross pin on your suit and call it a day. The people who committed to the theme really slayed, though, even if some of them kind of looked like they belonged in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Looks like Chadwick Boseman's cape and Zendaya's Joan of Arc inspired dress were beautiful enough that there's already fanart of them.

My favourite detail of the night was Quavo's chain, however.

As with every year, the pagentry of the Met Gala led to some good goofs.

Comic book artist Kevin took it upon himself to draw what he'd wear to the Met Gala this year, and that's caused a lot of other artists to throw in their own looks. I would have loved to see some of these this year. Maybe next time around we can send Wada instead of another dude that's just going to wear a black tux.


    Every article that links Twitter pics is broken. If I'm lucky, I might see a few rectangles of the top 20% of a Twitter image (which cannot be expanded) and the rest is all text in blocks with no images. :(

      Yeah, The engineers really need to fix the CMS behind this site. Articles like this rarely ever show the linked pictures.

      So it isn't just me? I thought it might be my ad blocker doing it.

      I have no problems at all seeing the Twitter things. I just wish they would stop using Twitter as a news source.

      As for your problem, try different browsers. I am using FireFox.

        But I am also using the latest version of Firefox :( The issue is across 2 computers and also my iPhone.

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