The Mystery Behind An Unused Door In Bloodborne

The Mystery Behind An Unused Door In Bloodborne

Image: Youtube (Lance McDonald)

When Bloodborne first launched, players quickly discovered a door at the end of the bridge behind the Cleric Beast. There’s no way to open the door, but the alpha version of Bloodborne shipped with a prompt telling users they could only open it from one side.

So, what’s behind the door?

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His latest conquest in Yharnam: the locked door behind the Cleric Beast. In the release version of Bloodborne, the door appears like it could be a shortcut. But it’s an image of a door, but there’s no prompt or method to interact with it. Glitching through the door reveals that there’s nothing behind the door either, and you can interact with the door from the other side.

But in the alpha version of Bloodborne? Well, things are a bit different.

An alpha version of the game shown at Tokyo Game Show in 2014, however, had a corridor linking Cathedral Ward and Central Yharnam. The door has a prompt in the older build, and rather than being a picture of a door, you can interact with it from the other side.

Of course, you can’t actually walk through the corridor to the Great Bridge. An invisible object in the doorway prevents users from walking through, although you the Great Bridge does load into view. That might help explain why the shortcut was removed from the final version of the game: the launch version of Bloodborne had staggering load times as is, and reducing stress on the PS4 where possible makes a lot of sense.

Cutting the shortcut also means players have to fight Father Gascoigne, as you have to go past him to reach the Cathedral Ward. The Cleric Beast does drop a badge to unlock Kirkhammer and the Repeating Pistol, though.

For a look at more content that was cut from the alpha version of Bloodborne, head to McDonald’s YouTube channel.


  • I imagine the door was only supposed to open from one side – so you couldn’t just fight the Cleric Beast and skip Gascoigne. It was probably intended as a shortcut *back* to where the Cleric Beast was, not as a shortcut forward.

    Once they dropped that plan though, it makes you wonder why they didn’t simply remove the door and just put a plain wall there.

  • If you go to the lowest point of Cathedral ward (out of the left hand door of Oedin Chapel, and down the path away from the big gate) to the underground room with the chest that gives you your first blood gem, there’s a locked door.
    If you throw a shining coin right at the door, the sparkle is visible at the Cleric Beast door.

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