The Next PlayStation Is 3 Years Away


    Actually the inference was that the aging console would receive support for another three years at least. There's no way Sony will wait until 2021 to drop the PS5. 4K tv saturation will be at 50% in USA by 2020 and a tech company wants to come in on the crest of a wave, not after. All smart money is still inside next 18 months for PS5.

      Kodera said: “We will use the next three years to prepare the next step, to crouch down so that we can jump higher in the future".

      I don't see how that can be construed as referring only to support for the PS4. It's pretty direct in saying the next step (the PS5) will not be happening in the next 3 years. Your smart money is pretty dumb.

      Sony already have a solution for 4K TVs. It's the PS4 Pro. They don't need the PS5 to take advantage of that.

      The last generation gap was 7 years. With the release of the Pro, the generation gap will surely be pushed out to 8 years, in which case, the likely release of the PS5 will be in 2021. Three years from now.

        I couldn’t agree more Deek.

        And in terms of 4K and ‘riding the crest of a wave’ it doesn’t matter in this case. Sure if they were a challenger trying to break new tech that makes sense but they are a dominating incumbent and in any case it’s a certainty that the next gen wil be 4K anyway.

        Sony will want to push the lift of this product as far as possible and do everything to tick every box in preparation for launch so that they don’t repeat the horror show of the xbone reveal and negative press.

    I’m fine with waiting. My PSPro is satisfying me just fine :)

      Yes i want atleast another two years out of my Ps4Pro, Ppl will say that consoles are holding back gaming, That's bs though, If anything, This forces developers to do better optimization off their games, With more power, Developers get lazy & do the sledgehammer approach of relying on hardware to just make it work, Assassins Creed Unity compared to Syndicate, A year difference, But two years of working with the current gen consoles etc improved drastically the optimization of Syndicate, The Surge is so well optimized, A 7gig Soulslike, I have badly optimized games that have no business having install sizes that rival a Bethesda install size.

    There has to be sufficient jump in tech to warrant a generational change also.

    I feel if the ps5 came anytime before 2021 it wouldn’t be the machine we hoped we got.

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    Another 8 year generation....they need to turn them around quicker I reckon. I know they operate differently but my 8vyear old pc can't play anything theses days

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