The ‘Rewind’ Feature Makes Mega Man On Switch Far More Pleasant 

The ‘Rewind’ Feature Makes Mega Man On Switch Far More Pleasant 

If you have always wanted to check out Capcom’s excellent suite of old-school Mega Man games but found their difficulty too intimidating, here’s your solution: Play them on the Nintendo Switch.

With Mega Man Legacy Collection, which came out last week for Switch and includes the first six games in the series, Capcom has installed a lovely new “rewind” feature that lets you hold a button to skip back in time every time you screw up.

Whether you miss a tough jump or get hammered into a spike pit by one of the many cheap-shots that these games love throwing at you, the rewind feature makes all six games far, far less infuriating.

One might argue that a feature such as this takes away from the nails-tough difficulty that makes old-school Mega Man so special, and to them I would say piss off. Having the option to rewind time will make these games more accessible to players who don’t want to slam their heads against the wall over and over again as they’re trying to jump through rain in Toad Man’s stage or beat all those flaming dogs in Mega Man 2.  

It’s especially fun to use when you’re fighting bosses, as you can dance through their shots as if you’re putting together a tool-assisted speedrun, or performing an epic ballet of bullets.

Sadly, the second Mega Man Legacy Collection (which comes as a download code with the first one) doesn’t have this feature, although the games in that one (Mega Mans 7 through 10) are less brutal than the first six.

Mega Man Legacy Collection was already available on a bunch of other consoles, but this feature, combined with the Switch’s portability and general comfort, make Nintendo’s newest console feel like the perfect place to play it.


  • It’s a shame this is still such a shittty product.
    Why couldn’t they just fit the last four games on the cart?
    And where is Megaman and Bass?

    • Playing as Bass was a blast, I also wouldn’t mind Mega Man Soccer and Battle & Chase

  • here’s your solution: Play them on the Nintendo Switch. Or just wait until the rewind feature update is released for existing platforms as Capcom have said they would…

  • As a purist, I’m not a fan. I know I can just avoid using the feature but at some stage I also know I will cave out of frustration. When I do, my satisfaction will be lessened as a result. In the end, it’s my own fault but I wish the feature didn’t exist to tempt me in the first place.

  • I know what you mean. Beating the original Megaman was a major achievement as a kid. But also I know that games are played for fun and if this makes it more appealing to my kids to play, I think it’s a small sacrifice in exchange for showing a new generation some classic gaming history. Plus I know my kids might use the feature on the 1st run, but Dad bragging about being “more hardcore” than them will get them trying it without it! Personally, I will use the feature as I don’t have the time, nor want the stress of this beastly series ruining my sleep patterns twice in this life!

  • I know the rewind feature is totally cheating, but I’ve found myself using it quite a bit too.
    Hey, I’ve earned it, I’ve finished all these games legit on a number of occasions!

    But Jason, you’re totally wrong about one thing… Mega Man 9 and 10 are WAY more brutal than the original 6. And let’s not even speak of the final boss in Mega Man 7! Legacy Collection 2 could reeeeeally have benefited from a rewind feature.

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