Underground Boy Bands Charge Fans By The Minute For Hugs And 'Finger Kisses'

In Japan, there are idols and then there are "underground idols" (地下アイドル or "chika aidoru"). Besides having concerts, some of them are picking up extra cash by charging fans by the minute for hugs and "finger kisses".

GIF: AbemaTV

Japanese boy bands are largely controlled by one talent agency known as Johnny's. While several scans has eroded its power, that agency still dominates the male idol field. The images of its stars are carefully controlled, and typically, its boy band members don't use social networking sites such as Twitter. The only way fans can interact with them is from afar.

Underground boy bands, called "menzu chika aidoru" (メンズ地下アイドル) or "men's underground idols", are not slick productions of Japanese entertainment monoliths. For fans, these groups also offer an option for those who, perhaps, want to get a little closer to their idols.

Underground girl idol groups, as well as mainstream ones such as AKB48 and all its spin-offs, have long had fan handshake and photo sessions. According to AbemaTV, the underground boy band, however, is a new business model. As report shows, there appears to be less interest in underground boy band music and more in the lucrative meet and greet sessions after the concerts.

This meet and greet event drew 300 fans. GIF: AbemaTV

One photo is ¥1000 ($12), while one minute of interaction with the underground boy band members is also ¥1000. Fans, apparently, cannot buy huge blocks of time with their favourite members, so they must get back in line for each minute. Note that some bands charge as much ¥1500 ($18) per minute and per photo!

GIF: AbemaTV

During those 60 seconds, the members might give out hugs or "finger kisses" (指チュウ or "yubi chuu") as seen in the above GIF.

One underground boy band manager interviewed in the report said that groups can make several hundred thousand dollars a month. Not bad for boy bands who haven't yet hit the mainstream.

Why support these groups? "Because they're close," said several fans AbemaTV interviewed. The appeal here is that they aren't super famous and they aren't mainstream.

You can watch the full report right here.


    More accurate headline would be the bands Managers and Music Producers demanding this. I think the actual members would be happy to do it for free.

    I know a few people in the industry and this is just asking for trouble. While I can't speak for the Japanese music industry that sort of attention on fans is a really great breeding ground from crazy ass and dangerous stalkers.

    A friend of mine was almost murdered by some crazy bitch he smiled at and said hello to once let alone something like this.

    Last edited 09/05/18 8:30 pm

    This isn't unique to Japan. Plenty of "bands" do this, Wether their famous is moot as they're famous in someones eyes.

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