Watch NVIDIA's Keynote For GTC Taiwan 2018 Here

Image: Alex Walker (Kotaku)

It's not just announcement season for E3: Computex and the Global Technology Conference are just around the corner, too. It's the latter that's the first cab off the rank, and NVIDIA are kicking things off with their keynote for the annual conference in Taiwan.

NVIDIA don't tend to go into super big detail about new products at GTC, but they have hinted or done short announcements for their gaming line before. And if the company is going to release a new line of GPUs specifically for cryptocurrency, GTC isn't a bad place to do it either.

Last year, NVIDIA's GTC keynote touched on life after Moore's Law, the future of GPU computing, CUDA development, deep learning and AI in general. Beyond that, NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang showed off the Tesla V100 - which cost about $US3 billion in R&D - as well as some Final Fantasy XIV: Kingsglaive cinematics.

So it's not a gaming conference, first and foremost. But it's always worth a watch to see where GPUs are headed more broadly. You can check it out via Facebook below:

GTC Taiwan 2018 主題演說直播

【 #GTC18 主題演說臉書直播預告!】 全球都在關注的 #AI 盛會,即將登場NVIDIA 執行長黃仁勳將於 5/30 上午 10:00 發表演說除了發布全球最新的 #人工智慧 技術外 我們也將與你一同探討台灣在地化的創新發展敬請鎖定 NVIDIA Taiwan┄ 相關直播連結 ┄Ustream 英文直播 中譯直播

Posted by NVIDIA Taiwan on Sunday, 27 May 2018

Or NVIDIA Taiwan's official Twitch channel, if that's more reliable:

GTC Taiwan is immediately followed by Computex, which I'll be covering next week. We're expecting a whole bunch of new gaming laptops, some GPU announcements and plenty of new peripherals to boot. It's gonna be a busy June.


    I wonder if it's time to sell the 1080Ti's in my second graphics workstation, It gets little use, and surely new cards are coming soonish?

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