Watch The Battlefield V Reveal Here

Watch The Battlefield V Reveal Here
Image: EA

If you’re wondering what front the next Battlefield will tackle, then find out right here.

The reveal is scheduled to kick off at 0600 AEST / 0530 ACST / 0400 AWST / 0800 NZST, and you can watch the reveal below through YouTube. (Note that YouTube says the livestream will begin from 0500 AEST, however.)

DICE released a 12 second teaser earlier this week, which contained one shot of footage with clues:

The icons at the top show British and Axis forces, as well as what looks like a traditional HP meter at the bottom.

We know ahead of time that Battlefield V will have a single-player campaign. The War Stories mode, a series of narrative-focused vignettes that concentrated on different theatres of war in Battlefield 1, will return.

Operations mode will also span across several maps, according to tweets and a blog post put out by DICE last week. DICE also confirmed BFV wouldn’t be set in WW1, but the imagery above suggests that a WW2 setting is a strong possibility.

Earlier this year we also reported that developers at DICE were very cautious about microtransactions, following the public outrage over Battlefront 2. It’s been previously reported that the studio wants cosmetic loot boxes only, although those plans may changed since March.

What do you want to see from Battlefield V?


  • I long for the time a Battlefield episode just breaks the mould and gives us something completely bonkers like they did with BF2142.

    Imagine a BF1 style game where suddenly the troops are riding Velociraptors, we find out it’s a world where Dinosaurs never died and we’ve got the Turks with a giant Brontosaurus with cannons mounted on its back (Hello Ark tribute!).

    Or a WW2 setting, except suddenly… Dragons instead of planes! Our tanks have been replaced by giant ape-like creatures with guns mounted to their backs or something like that. Just something completely odd.

    Or… you know anything that isn’t goddamn zombie based. How about a medieval based one?

    • Unfortunately, the more COD goes towards the weird and sci fi routes, the more likely Battlefield will stay grounded as a point of difference.

    • Battlefield 1864 Civil War… but your not playing the actual civil war, your playing as a group of adult drunk men with poor athletic ability on a Sunday doing an reenactment.

      • Sold. Sold. Sold.

        Can one man be the slightly over the top, overeager, mentally ill guy who decides to inadvertently bring a loaded firearm?

      • Sold. Sold. Sold.

        Can one man be the slightly over the top, overeager, mentally ill guy who decides to inadvertently bring a loaded firearm?

      • God. I just love this idea so much I had to comment a second time lol. Every character needs to be morbidly obese and go on about how ‘kids these days don’t understand the value of reenactment’

  • Man, I would do anything for a 2142 game. I’ve been craving space marine games ever since Halo died. My only hope is Titanfall 3 being announced at E3.

  • Dice haven’t tackled a WW2 game since the original BF1942. They should update that and show the rest of the studios how it’s done.
    Also, cut out trying to make more money from excessive DLC maps. It splits the market and makes me want to stay away. I’m not going to buy a game that dies 6 months later because the servers add in maps into the rotation that I haven’t got. You’re not going to get any of my money with that attitude. Oh, and Wake Island….

    • They tried going no-dlc with BF2 and look how that panned out, I can see this one banking hard back into paid-dlc territory in retaliation, easily.

      • BF2 had the Special Forces expansion pack and the Euro Force and Armoured Fury booster packs on physical discs.

        Their servers were ghost towns after the first couple of weeks. Just like the 2 expansion packs that they put out for BF42.

        ‘DLC’ at the tine were pretty much just fan made mods.

        • My apologies, I should have specified Battlefront, rather than Battlefield, that was my bad.

          • Battlefront 2 from 2016? Totally agree.

            Especially as I wasted money on the Death Star add on for the 2015 Battlefront and never managed to get in a game ????

      • Yup on the XB360. Was basically just the Pacific Island maps from BF42 minus Midway.

        A shame they didn’t put in the rest of the vanilla BF42 maps. Would have loved Liberation of Caen and El Al….

        My kids love/d it, which was nice to see considering I was a massive BF42 tragic (=]tAg[= for life lol). There are still servers too but they are obviously overseas as the lag can be terrible.

      • BF1943 was console exclusive for some reason and relatively small scale compared to the main series releases (similar in scale to Bad Company 1 I suspect). I played a bit on PS3 … it was OK but I couldn’t get into it to much as I’m primarily a PC gamer when it comes to FPS.

  • I don’t really care about the setting… WW1, WW2, present day, whatever. I’m fine with any of it (although not such a fan of the futuristic sci fi settings) as long as the game itself is good and isn’t microtransactioned and / or DLCed to hell and back.

  • Excitedly worried for nearly all of the same reasons expressed above.

    DICE was fantastic with BF42 with regular patches that would fix annoying bugs and add in new maps etc (Battle of Britain anyone?)

    I just want to recapture the magic from 2002-2005 – even the fun from BFV (remember the Vietnam one?)

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