Rewatch The Call Of Duty: Black Ops 4 Reveal Here

If you'd like to see how Activision tackles the battle royale genre, and you don't mind seeing a little bit of mindless run-and-gun action along the way, then you can catch up with the next Call of Duty here.

The publisher will be livestreaming the first footage of the game from 0300 AEST / 0230 ACST / 0100 AWST, and you can watch the Twitch stream below.

We already know a few things ahead of time: sources confirmed to Kotaku that the game will be missing the linear single-player campaign that has been a staple of the series since the first Call of Duty.

They also corroborated another report that Raven was developing a battle royale mode for Black Ops 4. Former CS:GO professional and PUBG/Fortnite streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiek also announced he would be co-streaming the game's reveal, which makes the presence of battle royale more likely given his background.

Sony-backed ads have also started appearing around on social media and other websites, indicating that the publisher's ongoing deal with Call of Duty - which has resulted in PS4 users getting 30 days access to content ahead of their Xbox compatriots - will continue.


    No single player and a battle royale mode? The only way I can think of making this a much harder pass is if they announce loot boxes.

      The campaign story will release at a later date & ppl will pay for it, If COD fans have been saying COD hasn't been good since COD 4 Modern Warfare but brought the er 6? 7? Games after, Then no drop in quality or non ethical practices are going to change their buying habits. Call of Duty copied & ran the wall running trend into the ground in 3 games, They will do it with Battle Royal in 2 i think, They aren't industry leaders anymore but followers of trends, They're creatively sterile & their fanbase are mindless zombies.

    Legit question: do people still view Call of Duty as a bastion, in any capacity, of what video games are/can accomplish?

    The series continues to sell incredibly well and people continue to enjoy them, in much the same way legions of folk think poker machines are the bee's knees, but can it be viewed critically as anything other than the Coca Cola of fluids-to-be-appreciated?

    As a side note, if anyone who reads this does enjoy the games and derives some value/joy from having played them: that's cool and keep on doing that thing.

      I feel the Coke Cola comparison is a good one: in terms of originality and quality of things to drink it's not really on the list. But if you want something simple, quick and tasty it's always there. If you want to bring something round a mates house it's a solid pick. It goes well with some booze and mucking about.
      So yeah, it's the Cola of video games. But that's a legit niche to inhabit, even if I don't partake as much these days as I did when I was younger, just like the drink.
      Tho Fortnite has probably taken that niche out the back and shot it at this point and contenders like a new CoD are just dragging out the inevitable.

      Last edited 17/05/18 11:54 pm

    No gameplay reveal for their Battle Royale mode? Was kinda expecting it, but at the same time I'm not surprised since they most likely only started working on it a few months ago.

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