Watch These Lil' AI Corgis Train To Run Faster Than A Cheetah

Image: Supplied

It's Friday afternoon, if you're still at work you're probably not doing much that's useful so why not sit back, relax and watch some machine learning animated corgis run their cute little socks off.

PunchesBears, the machine learning genius behind that viral video of the pack of animated bears grooving on a rainbow dance floor, is currently live on Twitch with a machine learning algorithm teaching some corgis to run as fast as possible. The goal is to get them running faster than the top speed of a cheetah, which is 75mph.

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At the time of writing they've achieved 29mph, roughly 47km/h, which is a pretty impressive feat by itself considering these corgis would be able to outrun Usain Bolt. It's starting to look like there's a hard limit on how fast these corgis can theoretically run, however. The one source on Google that would give me a figure on corgi's top land speed pegs them at around 23mph, so these robot dogs are already outdoing their organic counterparts.

But can they run faster than a cheetah?


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