We Got To Touch A $30,000 NES Game

I promise you I washed my hands really good before this episode of Complete In Box so that I wouldn’t get any stray Dorito powder all over a Nintendo Entertainment System game worth as much as a slightly used Porsche.

On this latest episode of Kotaku‘s new series, in which we take a look back at well-known classic games through the lens of their less-well-known original packaging, I do something I have never done before and may never do again: Open up the box and flip through the manual of Stadium Events, the incredibly rare NES game that was produced in tiny quantities and subsequently rose in value to over $US30,000 ($39,994) in complete condition.

That rarity is a shame, because the full-colour, large-format manual that the game came with turned out to be really cool! My friend Steve Lin of the Video Game History Foundation, who is one of the few owners of this game, graciously joined me on this episode so we could talk about the weird history of Stadium Events by way of looking at an original copy.

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