What Are You Playing This Weekend?

What Are You Playing This Weekend?
Image: Counter-Strike

The weekend is typically a great time to chill, but that’s not entirely on the cards this time.

IEM Sydney is in town, and so the machinations of professional Counter-Strike will be occupying a good chunk of my time. We won’t know until later this afternoon if any Australians will actually be taking part over the weekend: there’s actually not that many matches left to play, with only six teams left in the tournament.

The event’s structured so fans get to watch every single map on the main stage, which is nice for everyone involved. It’s genuinely unfortunate that more Aussies didn’t make the final stage, but we’ve put in a good showing nonetheless.

Something I have been playing lately is Agricola on iOS. The farming/worker placement game only has a duel version available on Android, which is a real shame, but it’s been fun to get absolutely wrecked on the iPhone.

What are you playing this weekend?


  • Hopefully find sometime to continue my adventure in farcry 5. Need a game to scratch my fantasy itch though.

    Maybe some more building on my AoS army

  • My wife’s birthday is tomorrow so i bought a murder mystry and got some plans to play that with a group. Never done it before so we’ll see how it goes.
    Otherwise Donkey Kong will be a day 1 purchase for my wife and she’ll want to play through that with me.

  • Dragon Age Origins: Awakening. The Grey Warden is trying to track down a talking Darkspawn.

    Still grinding through weapons and spouses in Dynasty Warriors: Next. I’ve become a fan of the Dynasty Warriors style of game now. Just repetitive brawling but there is something about it, whether it’s the over-the-top J-Metal soundtrack or the hammy voice acting (Zhang He I’m talking to you!) it has just grown on me.

    • DW and the other games in the series have been my gaming guilty pleasure for 10+ years now – no idea why, other games that have any sort of repetition drive me absolutely nuts, yet the warriors series has never gotten stale for me – until 9. Enjoy – when you’re done with that one there’s about a million others to chose from (currently still battling through Fire Emblem: Warriors on the switch!).

  • Hacked my 3ds (Japanese version) going to play some Kirby / other English games that have arrived in the mail this week.

  • More Divinity aaaaand for the first time, got to be honest – there are cracks starting to appear in my motivation. Just clocked 100 hours (I’m a slow, ploddy, overthink things kind of player) and it’s just suddenly starting to drag a little. It feels churlish/I feel like a complete bum-face for feeling like this about a game whose first 80 hours are some of the best fun i’ve had in games for many a year, it just has slowed down a lot when it should be doing the opposite? Won’t say any more, I still love the thing but I’m ready for it to end now so I can play something different – I’d give it a break and come back to it but it’s so in-depth I don’t think I ever would?

  • Monster Hunter World. I’m (as always) a little late to the party, but enjoying it so far.

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