What Are You Playing This Weekend?

The weekend is great for binging, but sometimes you just want to go for a drive.

That's going to be my primary activity over the coming days, with Mother's Day just around the corner. Tegan and I will be going on a little journey for the next day or two, so while there's plenty of opportunity to game it'll be on the smaller screen.

I've been enjoying a lot of Agricola lately, and I've been holding off giving Horizon Chase a go as well. The solo series of Agricola is proving a nightmare at the moment: getting crappy occupations off the bat hasn't helped.

What are you playing this weekend?


    More Fallout 4. I'm leaning towards siding with the Minutemen at this stage...

    Start of 2 weeks A/L - Div OS 2, Mario Odyssey, Mario Rabbids, Mafia 3 and whatever the young bloke decides on for his birthday.

    Keep plugging away at my 2nd run through Nier: Automata (how many times before it starts getting good?!). Might squeeze in some BF1, too.

      Are the Aussie BF1 servers still unplayable or has it been resolved?

        I don't know, I don't seem to have encountered too many problems - certainly nothing as bad as other people have been complaining about - and I play several times a week. I am finding there are fewer games available so I usually have to join a queue and wait a few minutes. But once I'm in it's mostly fine.

    Hopefully we will finish The vanishing of Ethan Carter
    Might start the DLC for Red faction Armageddon

      Vanishing of Ethan Carter...Gem of a game

        Been really good so far. Would have been done well and truly if not for the motion sickness it gives my wife.
        Playing the remaster so kind of tempted to go back and play the original to see how different it is

    Destiny: Warmind, which I haven't given a go of yet


    Dark Souls Remastered network test, if I remember to get on on one of the two six-hour windows.

      Scratch that, there are so many conflicting reports on when the actual test is, I don't think I'll bother trying.

      And the official FAQ on Bandai Namco's DS network test site gives times that equate to like midnight > 6am ish here, so if that's the case then forget it.

    Finish off the Destiny 2 DLC, hearthstone, some WoW, and maybe finish off searching for the collectables in Tomb Raider.

    Running D&D tonight, playing God of War tomorrow night, then mother's day.

    Among the stars! an awesome boardgame port that just came out yesterday

    Still bashing Battletech PC.
    "You can see daylight through my armour!"

    30+ hours of Pillars of Eternity 2

    Replaying Red Dead Redemption. Maybe some Ni No Kuni 2 if the girlfriend wants to hog the TV.

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