What Are You Playing This Weekend?

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While I'll be working this weekend, doing — well, you can probably guess — don't let me stop you from enjoying the fruits of your PC. Or console. Or whatever board game you have on your shelf that remains in its plastic. No better time to get stuck in than tomorrow and the day that follows it, which I'm calling "after-tomorrow".

So, I won't be doing much this weekend, but for the last couple of weeks, the fiancee and I have been pacing ourselves through Titan Quest Anniversary Edition, after a very enjoyable romp through Divinity: Original Sin 2.

The Anniversary Edition is much, much improved over vanilla (if you didn't partake in mods that addressed a lot of the issues), but it still very much shows its age: no individualised loot, poor item comparison interface, clunky controls. For all the hate Diablo 3 has gotten (and still gets), Blizzard did a bloody great job of polishing the experience to an ethereal edge.

But enough about edges. What will you folks be tossing peripherals at for the next few days?


    Monster Hunter: World

    The game really is growing on me.

    I will be continuing Super Mario odyssey on the switch..Got to find those damn moons!

    Probably try to finish Pillars of Eternity 1 so I can start Pillars 2. Might also try to get a Japanese-themed city started in Cities Skylines, once I can sort out the enormous number of workshop items needed.

    Detroit mostly and some Destiny weekly stuff as well.

    Detroit and/or Mirror's Edge Catalyst (which I'm quite enjoying!)

    Decisions, decisions!

    Just started God of War last night. So... God of War.

    Mostly Xenoblade Chronicles 2 along with some Donkey Kong and Mega Man Legacy Collection

    Gonna jump back into Battlefield 4 for a bit I think. Also might try out this steam link app. That sounds cool

    I'll be playing Save and Reload: The Game. Also known as Shadow Tactics. I'm close to the end so I may jump onto Titan Quest after that and check out the console release.

    Probably something in VR as i've had my vive for a week now :D

    Noooot muuuuuch? Destiny probs, but more wanna catch up on some Netflix

    Biggest ever Uni assignment is due in a week, so I'll be doing that - in between the research grind I might play some more God of War, or H:ZD... or ... anything but work on my assignment. Ah, avoidance, is there anything you can't do? Ahem

    God of War. The Battlefield V reveal has me itching for some Battlefield, so maybe some Battlefield 1.

    Probably a bit of Dark Souls Remastered and finish off Hotline Miami 2 =)

    For some reason I've been going back and playing single player Starcraft 2. Currently halfway through HotS - turns out I never played it and it's fun! :D

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